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Some readers' letters

On this page are links to a small selection of readers'
letters which have appeared in Clocks in recent years.

Normandy Clock, Art Schrevel, Netherlands
Overwinding, Jim Walker, UK
Blind holes, Robert Schut, Germany
Becker catalogue, Peter Gosnell, UK
Shortt regulator, Bill Brading, New Zealand
Man-made boards, N Woodford, UK
Striking variant, David Churchill, UK
Gretton project, W Meinen & D Radage, Canada
Hammer springs, John Robey, UK
Metonic cycle, Larry Johnson, USA
Vorley of Market Harborough, Graham Ward, UK
Foliot made of wood, Kenneth Lawton, UK
Lucky find, Brian Barkworth, Australia
Tabley turret, Dr Brian Thomas, UK
Highland Mary revisited, Ian Beilby, UK
Fly function, Barrie T Fitton, UK
Bowra of Sevenoaks, Derek Chapman, UK
Zigzag turntables, Ted Wale, Canada
Caledonian and kinetic, Roger Pedley, UK
Monk and Ballantyne, Jack and Ann McBroom, USA
Roberts of Todmorden, A C Bolger, UK
Longcase logo, Mary Kenderdine, USA
Comtoise comments, Claude Schneider, France
Leeds dial painter?, Kathi Edwards, USA
Four-face carriage, J Walker, UK
Russian jigsaw puzzle, Alf Wilford, Australia
Brisbane Synchronome, Geoffrey Arbuthnot, UK
Sir Brian?, Mike Wagnell, Canada
Barnard of Newark, Geoff Webster, UK
Tenor clock, John Savage, UK
New Zealand Synchronome, Tony Rodgers, NZ
Enumerator clock, J A Knobbout, Netherlands
Heavy movement, Klaas van Dijk, Netherlands
Seeing double, Mark Forrester, UK
Interesting comparison, Peter Fenwick, UK
Improving content, Bill Walker, Australia
Pallweber patents, D K Stevenson, USA
Absolute beginners, Alan E Bell, Ireland
Rust removal, G D Thomson, Australia
Marvellous world, Laurie Penman, USA
Boyd of Cupar, Jan Oerlemans, Netherlands
Wigan of Bristol, G Black, UK
Baird Advertising Clock, Allan Symons, Canada
Anglo-American clocks, Tom Spittter, USA
One of a kind, E P F Stahlberg, UK
Reversed picture, Fred Bausch, USA
Blacksmith clockmakers, Keith Bateso, UK
Metamec book, Clifford Bird, UK
Bad customers, Dennis Haynes, UK
Big Brother Brilliť, Howard Bradley, France
Another picture clock, Martyn Capewell, UK
Coffee maker clock, Peter Mikkelsen, USA
Thomas Hill watch, Fraser Blagg, UK
Prizewinning clock, Graham Mulligan, Australia
Mercer and Harrison, Jonathan Betts, UK
Napoleon hat, Ivan Millington, UK
Mosque clocks, D W Ross, UK
Timepiece identification, Alec Hurley, UK
Single-hammer chime, R J Griffin, UK
Acetic ageing, Goran Zdansky, Sweden
Concrete clocks, Allen G Morse, UK
Seigneur of London, Clive Pickering, Australia
Newarke Clocks, Derek Wheeler, UK
Dutch or English, Paul Krige, South Africa
Peter Hochogger, Viv Puttergill, South Africa
Fumbling to failure, Jim Evans, UK
White electric, Chris Noton, UK
Walker longcase, Sean McEvoy, Ireland
Shortt answers, Colin Ferguson, UK
Lightbody of Lanark, John Lightbody, Spain
Spring cleaning, Bernard Tabor, UK
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