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  Reader's letter | June 2005 | Clocks Magazine

Tenor clock

As a keen reader of Clocks magazine since the first issue, I thought the enclosed might be of interest. The clock was found in St Dubricius Church in Porlock, Somerset, and I took a couple of photographs of it with some difficulty owing to the confined space in which it was resting. The notice on the panelling reads:

‘ANCIENT CLOCK. It has neither face nor hands, and merely struck the hours on the Tenor bell. It was actually in use up to the time of Queen Victoria’s jubilee in 1897. It may have been constructed between the years 1400-1450 but the date is uncertain. The tower has a ring of 6 Bells, the Tenor weighing 12 cwt.’

I wonder if any of your readers have any further information on this old clock. Best wishes to your excellent magazine.

John Savage, UK

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