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  Reader's letter | December 2005 | Clocks Magazine

Dying breed

I have previously expressed my appreciation to you and the contributors of Clocks Magazine for providing a most informative source of information for the non professional clock restorer/ repairer like myself.

However I cant help but notice the growing concern appearing in your articles that the professional clock repairer is becoming a dying breed.

I do acknowledge that some steps are being taken in the UK to redress this unfortunate state of affairs. Sadly not the same here in Western Australia, the last known source of professional training for clock repairing seems to have gone.

So the reliance on clock repairs & restoration knowledge is now to be sourced from books written or publications such as Clocks.

Therefore Clocks magazine could become a major source of practical repair and restoration information which can be readily understood by those of us who are keen to learn and apply this knowledge in the restoration and repair of clocks.

I have researched the restoration of black marble clocks cases over the past five years and tried various methods advocated by authors in books on clock repairs with varying degrees of success.

I have therefore waited patiently for some time for an article on restoring black marble clock cases to appear in Clocks. I was finally rewarded with the article by Gavin Leach in the November issue.

The article by Gavin Leach to me is quite simple, straight forward and easily applied and I will certainly be using that method in future.

I would therefore love to see a greater component of your magazine devoted to the repair and restoration of clocks for the amateur/hobbiest reader who is keen to learn and apply new skills.

I was very pleased therefore to read your editorial in the November issue about your plans to incorporate more articles aimed at the amateur.

Thanks again for continually providing a great publication and in striving to improve its content for your readership.

Bill Walker, Australia

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