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  Reader's letter | November 2004 | Clocks Magazine

Comtoise comments

I read with interest the article ‘Restoring a comtoise’ in the October issue of Clocks. I believe this is the best clock ever built in the world! Saying that, I do not know English clocks very well!

I have seven comtoises at home, all restored to original condition by myself, but without bells because of the noise they make during the night! Many wrecks were salvaged in order to get parts.

There was a very good book about comtoises: La Comtoise—La Morbier—La Morez by Francis Maitzner and Jean Moreau. This book was published 15 years ago and an English translation of it exists. I have seen it at a clockmaker’s in Paris. Perhaps Mr Wilding might find a copy at Rita Shenton’s bookshop.

For your information, some factories in France and Germany build comtoises according to modern designs but in keeping with the old standards. If anyone needs information about comtoises do not hesitate to contact me.

Claude Schneider, France

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