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  Reader's letter | January 2005 | Clocks Magazine

Four-face carriage

I was recently asked to overhaul a carriage or table clock of a design which I had not come across before or, indeed, seen illustrated in Clocks Magazine. It has four identical faces after the manner of a ‘public square’ clock, is 6in high, 4in square, with a hinged carrying handle, and weighs 6lb! (Pictures enclosed.) The faces are white enamel behind bevelled glass. Winding and hand-setting are through the base which also allows access to the index of the platform escapement.

The movement is typical of a good quality French timepiece. The clock had recently arrived from India, where it had spent most of its life, and I wonder if it was possibly made for that market.

I also have to ask why anyone would need a small clock to show the time in all directions, unless perhaps it was placed in the centre of a large table around which sat diners or business associates who needed to be constantly reminded of the inexorable passage of time.

If any of your contributors or readers has any information about such a clock and its possible value, I would be most grateful.

J Walker, UK

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