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  Reader's letter | March 2004 | Clocks Magazine

Concrete clocks

I recently purchased the drum-head ‘marble’ clock shown in the photograph.

I set about cleaning it with my usual cleaning mixture but I did not get the usual response. On further investigation I found that the case was made from enamelled cement. You can see from the photograph showing the underside of the clock how the base has been chain drilled.

I have since purchased another clock made from the same material. This was a small flat-top model with applied coloured marble and a small visible escapement movement.

I have seen hundreds of enamelled wood and enamelled iron clocks but these are the only clocks I have seen that have been made of enamelled cement.

Nicolas Thorpe in his book The French Marble Clock does not mention clocks made of this material. Are these rare survivors of clocks made of this material or have the readers of Clocks come across other similar clocks?

Allen G Morse, UK
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