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  Reader's letter | November 2005 | Clocks Magazine

Interesting comparison

I enjoyed Lee Borret’s article on the Fry hook-and-spike clock (Clocks, September 2005), and was interested in the possibility of it being supplied by the Gilkes family. I just happen to have a Gilkes clock on the bench at the moment and it makes an interesting comparison with the Fry. The dial is the same size although two-handed, and it is intended to be cased rather than wall hung. Has anyone got a picture of a similar Gilkes in its original case?

Another longcase movement of somewhat later vintage may be of interest to those researching the origins of 19th century clock ‘bits’. At first glance this eight-day movement (c1850) is nothing out of the ordinary, until you notice the ‘diamond’ pattern etched or engraved on to the front plate. Has anyone come across this before?

This movement is from a clock signed ‘Medici, Shotley Bridge’ (Co Durham). This maker appears to be unrecorded, but Bates notes a maker called Mazzuchi in nearby Crook and one speculates that it may be the same family.

Peter Fenwick, UK

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