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  Reader's letter | February 2004 | Clocks Magazine

Lightbody of Lanark

A number of clocks, both longcase and bracket, bear the name ‘Lightbody’ engraved on the face. This is the signature of the Lighbodys (or Lightbodys) of Lanark, an 18th century family of Scottish clockmakers.

Their fascinating story is now becoming better known but the whereabouts of most of their clocks remains something of a mystery

Thomas, James and John Lightbody made and sold clocks in the town of Lanark over many years. Their descendants continued to do so for a century or more, passing the craft down through several generations. They made bracket clocks in the Regency period and longcase clocks until the 1840s. I know of two which are now museum pieces and of another keeping perfect time in the town in which it was made. One more made its way to Sydney, Australia or so my auction catalogue says.

I would be very interested to hear from your readers of other Lighbody/Lightbody clocks and their travels.

John Lightbody

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