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  Reader's letter | June 2004 | Clocks Magazine

Dutch or English

I recently purchased a walnut eight-day longcase clock in South Africa and attach some images for identification purposes.

The movement has a Dutch type strike, ie the half hour struck on a second and smaller bell of higher pitch. This clock however strikes the preceding hour on the half-hour as opposed to the Dutch strike which strikes the succeeding hour on the half-hour. I am interested to know whether this difference would preclude the movement being of Dutch origin.

There is no makerís name on the dial, and the case, although having certain Dutch characteristics such as base feet and a height of 270cm,
lacks certain typical Dutch features such as a bulbous base and ornate surround to the lenticle.

I would appreciate any readerís input as to whether this is an English clock with Dutch influence or vice versa or could it be a marriage?

Paul Krige, South Africa

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