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American Clocks An Introduction

Over the years, America has thrown up many distinctive horological styles, from the Banjo clocks of the Willard family and the Girandoles of Lemuel Curtis, through the short-lived wagon-spring clock and the all-pervasive Ogee, from the weight- driven tallcase clocks of Colonial time right up to the ubiquitous spring clocks of the Victorian era. It also takes a special look at the 'Magnificent Seven', the seven major clock manufacturers which would dominate American clockmaking through the latter half of the nineteenth century and into the twentieth.

The evolution and development of these factories and the styles of clock they produced are discussed in detail in American Clocks, An Introduction by the late Tom Spittler, one of America's favourite horological authors. The perfect Christmas gift for those who are interested in horology in America.

Have a sneak peek inside American Clocks An Introduction before you buy.

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