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The newly re-launched Clocks Magazine website contains some useful new features.

For example, here you can read a selection of horological articles. For the moment, these are all practical articles, on clock repair, clock restoration and clockmaking. We will shortly be adding a section on clock collecting, with articles on clockmakers of the past and antiquarian horology in general. Meanwhile, if you have a problem fixing a clock you may be able to find some useful advice in one of our horological articles.

Or maybe you have a problem figuring out why your clock won't go. Have a look at our 10-part horological fault finder. Particularly if you're a beginner, this will take you through the various steps you need to go through in order to identify faults in mechanical clocks.

If it's lighter reading you're after, you may like to have a look at a selection of readers letters which have appeared in Clocks Magazine over the past few years. As these cover a huge range of horological topics, even the most discerning horologist should find something of interest!

If you are new to the world of horology, you may want to consult our interactive glossary of horological terms. On this page you will find all common horological words listed, together with a definition of what they all mean, plus links to other key horological words.

Another useful feature is our horological chronology, which lists key dates in the history of horology. So whether you want to know when Richard of Wallingford built his famous clock in St Albans, or when Simon Willard patented the banjo clock movement - or any of a vast range of other horological events - these are the pages for you.

And it doesn't end there. We also have a variety of articles designed to answer questions dear to the hearts of many clock owners. These are:
Over the years, the Clocks Magazine website has become one of the most popular horological places on the Internet. To find out how your business could take advantage of this just drop us an email.
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