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  Reader's letter | September 2006 | Clocks Magazine

One of a kind

For some time I was wondering what to do with the single fusee movement that had been in the you-never-know-might-come-in-handy box in the workshop.

When I was given the book on skeleton clocks by F B Royer-Collard, I realised it might be suitable for a skeleton clock. Because it had to be something different and I didnít want to copy an existing design, the idea of a wooden frame started to develop. Because of my interest in music, I chose the treble-clef within a lyre shape.

The actual starting time of this project is difficult to recall, but it was around the mid 70s. My business at the time was primarily refurbishing and restoring antique clocks and watches. The time I could spend on making the skeleton clock was not of prime importance. Weeks went by and months passed without much progress.

When it all came together and the final adjustments brought the movement to life, it gave me great satisfaction. Now I have the eight-day wooden frame skeleton clock with one-at-the-hour strike (see photographs), which I know is the only one in the world.

E P F Stahlberg, UK

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