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Clocks Magazine Editorial December 2016
Editor of Clocks Magazine Some years ago we started publishing our annual indexes to Clocks on our website. The idea was to make them searchable as a group, so instead of searching through each individual index for the maker or topic of interest, readers would be able to do what computer geeks call a ‘global search’, meaning that you just need to enter a search term—the word or words that describe what you are looking for—and all indexes would be searched in one operation. It would make the whole process orders of magnitude easier.

And it worked. Currently on our website you simply need to enter your search term and hit return to ask the system to search all of our 30-odd indexes.

Another part of the plan was to index volumes which had never actually been indexed in the first place. For example, the first five volumes of the magazine had never contained an index of any kind. It has taken a long time, I know, but we now have online indexes for three of the five and are currently working on the other two.

Recently, however, one or two readers have got in touch with us lamenting the fact that we were no longer publishing paper indexes in the December issue of each annual volume. We then took a straw poll of some of our readers and found that a significant portion were not comfortable with the online index and preferred the paper variety.

For that reason I am delighted to say that this issue sees the return of the annual index printed in the magazine, see pages 47 to 50. It’s been a bit of a squeeze to get it in without compromising the rest of the content but I think we’ve done a reasonable job.

The indexes will still be published on our website as well as in the magazine, and the search facility will still be available. In fact I hope that by the next time I am writing here about indexes all 40 volumes of the magazine will have been done and will be fully searchable on our website. That will be a year from now, and we’ll have the index for Volume 40 published in the pages of the December 2017 issue as well.

John Hunter, Editor
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