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  Reader's letter | February 2003 | Clocks Magazine

Metamec book

I thoroughly enjoyed Bob Arnold's article 'Metamec clocks that make tea' (Clocks Magazine, December 2002) - as always easy to read and beautifully illustrated. He must be psychic or something when he finished with 'It seems strange that no book on the subject has yet been published. Hopefully there will be one soon.

Good news! A comprehensive history of the Metamec company with a catalogue of its clocks has been researched and compiled by members of the Antiquarian Horological Society (AHS), together with the enthusiastic help of former employees who build the largest clock manufacturer of its time.
It will be launched at the 50th AGM of the AHS to be held at Keble College, Oxford, at the end of March 2003, and at Dereham, home of the company in Norfolk. Bob Arnold will love the chapter on teamakers, which goes right back to the earliest Victorian versions which looks as if they might set set light to your bed as well.

Clifford Bird, UK

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