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  Reader's letter | August 2005 | Clocks Magazine

Enumerator clock

Some time ago I found two clocks at a clock fair. They were clocks with what I can only describe as an enumerator.

The rubber stamp of the enumerator is activated by a Bowden cable in the normal way—the spring is compressed by hand and after passing the dead point it activates the stamp. The enumerator prints the hour, the minute and a number between one and six on the ticket.

‘Smith’s English Clocks Ltd UK’ is stamped in the clock’s diameter, which measures 55mm. It has a non-jewelled lever escapement. The serial number of the movement is 5272 and of the case 652.

The second clock is mounted on what looks like a handlebar (see photograph) with rubber grips and the words ‘Made in England’. This one has the serial number 5212 with the case numbered 427.

It is not clear what this clock is for and I would be very happy if readers of Clocks could give me more information.

J A Knobbout, Netherlands

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