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  Reader's letter | September 2004 | Clocks Magazine

White electric

Please find attached picture and brochure of a White electric clock which I was lucky to obtain: it looked like it hadnít been used for about 20 years so I completely stripped it and now itís keeping really good time (not only twice a day).

The brochure copy was given to me by the very helpful Arthur Mitchell. By the look of it you could buy the clock complete with case from Whites but not the case on its own, though you could buy the movement separately so you could put it in your own case. The complete clock cost £4 15 0d (£4.75). That was a lot of money in the 30s, which I think is when it was made. For the same price you could buy a three-bedroom house (well almost!).

The clock works on a Hipp-toggle arrangement. There are two coils just under pendulum bob. As the pendulum swings it lifts an arm on the movement and when the pendulum moves back the arm moves a gear on the movement.

I hope you find this interesting.

Chris Noton, UK

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