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  Reader's letter | October 2004 | Clocks Magazine

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We have just purchased a small tallcase clock and on the movement is a logo, positioned in the exact centre and towards the bottom, which is a circle about 1/4in in diameter of a clock face with a full set of numbers and the hands set at 6:50. On the right side of the clock face of the logo are what look to be chiming rods. There is a number at the bottom of the movement of 1861. Could anyone tell me what company or maker the logo refers to and other information you might have? The dealer seemed to think it was German. The cabinet of the clock is oak.

The cabinet is 521/2in tall. The clock face is 61/2in in diameter with Arabic numerals, with the clock face being fitted within the cabinet ‘head’ which is 12in by 12in bearing an arched top with 8in tall barleytwist columns fitted into each frontal corner. The clock has Westminster chimes.

We would request from your readers any information regarding the maker, origin, history or value of this clock which we retain in our antique collection.

Mary Kenderdine, USA

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