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  Reader's letter | March 2006 | Clocks Magazine

Rust removal

I refer to an article in Clocks (May 2005) by D K Stevenson regarding rust removal. The method I have used is to soak the rusted parts in molasses used for cooking and feeding cattle.

Place the rusty parts in a bath of molasses and leave for a week or two when they will be free of rust and right back to their original grey colour. After a wash in water and detergent you can finish the parts as you please.

This method is used widely in the antiques trade for restoring old cast-iron objects. The only disadvantage is that it takes time.

For removing broken screws in brass plates soak in a solution of aluminium potassium sulphate alum. Keep it warm and the screws will come out in half a day. This does not mark the brass or leave a water mark.

G D Thomson, Australia

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