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  Reader's letter | February 2003 | Clocks Magazine

Monk and Ballantyne

Clocks Magazine for January 2008 contained an excellent article by Dennis Haynes reporting his restoration of our William Monk clock. We know that good ‘clock-craft’ of various kinds is appreciated by your readers. Thus, we wish to share photographs of the Monk clock back in its walnut case which was made (adapted from a Peter Abbott of London case plan by Ashby Design Workshop) by a local master cabinetmaker, Charles Sine of Edinburg, Virginia, usa. We obtained the clock dial and movement sans case and wanted it in an appropriate case to continue its long life with grace. We earlier had a cherry case made by Mr Sine for a dial/movement combination by William Ballantyne, Edinburgh, a signatory to the 1797-98 petition of Edinburgh watchmakers to parliament against the tax on clocks and watches. We thought it appropriate to have an Edinburgh clock cased in an Edinburg (Virginia) case (adapted from a John Goddard of Providence, Rhode Island, case plan). While these cases are contemporary, they are of the highest quality and we are delighted by the revival of the two clocks.

Jack & Ann McBroom, Virginia, USA

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