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Index | Volume 34 | 2011

This Index is in two sections. The 'General Horology Index' is an alphabetical list of topics covered. The 'Clockmaker Index' lists clock and watch makers with details of the magazine(s) in which they have appeared. We hold extensive stocks of back issues and you can use the 'Buy a back issue' button to check availability and buy.





Alarm clocks August 2011 p15, September 2011 p17, October 2011 p31

Aldred, Graham, British Sundial Society, interview with June 2011 p39

American clocks February 2011 p17, February 2011 p26, April 2011 p31, May 2011 p31

American-German clocks April 2011 p31

Archard, Paul, interview with April 2011 p19

Auctions containing clocks January 2011 p41, February 2011 p41, March 2011 p41, April 2011 p41, May 2011 p41, June 2011 p41, July 2011 p41, August 2011 p41, September 2011 p41, October 2011 p41, November 2011 p41, December 2011 p41




Battery polarity February 2011 p7

Betts, Jonathan, horological curator, interview with November 2011 p23

Blackwall, Richard, turret clock repairer, interview with January 2011 p35

Blind frets June 2011 p7

Bluing fluid September 2011 p9


 Chainmakers, The February 2011 p16

 Christchurch Fusee Chain Gang, The March 2011 p18

 Most Important Clock in America, The January 2011 p15

 New Bushing System, A October 2011 p16

 Synchronome, Masters of Electrical

 Timekeeping September 2011 p16

 Universal Watch Geneve May 2011 p15

 Watchmaking June 2011 p17

Borrett, Lee, clock dealer, interview with August 2011 p35

Boudoir clock March 2011 p26

British Horological Institute March 2011 p9, May 2011 p9, October 2011 p9

British Sundial Society June 2011 p39

British Watch & Clock Makers Guild March 2011 p9




Calendar dials, see ‘Dials, calendar’

Calendar wheels June 2011 p35

Carriage clocks January 2011 p7, August 2011 p21

Case making June 2011 p19, July 2011 p35, August 2011 p37, September 2011 p35, October 2011 p35, November 2011 p37

Chinese clocksn January 2011 p31

Cleaning clock movements January 2011 p7, May 2011 p9, June 2011 p7

Clockmakers workshop, Highland Folk Museum January 2011 p9

Cobb, Ian, wheel cutter, interview with January 2011 p35

Compensation, temperature, for pendulums February 2011 p24

Comtoise clocks September 2011 p31, October 2011 p17

Copake clock August 2011 p9

Cross brace March 2011 p24

Cuckoo clocks, antlers for January 2011 p9, October 2011 p9

Cylinder escapement, see ‘Escapement, cylinder’




Designing and building clocks January 2011 p24, February 2011 p24, March 2011 p24, May 2011 p24

Dial ‘curiosities’ August 2011 p26

Dial, making and repairing of April 2011 p21

Dial, oval July 2011 p15

Dials, calendar March 2011 p15

Dials, moon and tide February 2011 p11, March 2011 p11

Dials, painted (or white) January 2011 p27




Early clockmakers of Scotland October 2011 p26

Electric clocks February 2011 p7, February 2011 p18, December 2011 p25

English wall clocks January 2011 p7

Escapement, cylinder March 2011 p19

Escapement, English fusee lever August 2011 p31




Filing machine made from sewing machine January 2011 p17

French clocks March 2011 p26, June 2011 p19, September 2011 p26, December 2011 p25

Fretsaw blades August 2011 p9

Fusees January 2011 p7




Gatto, Martin, Tavernicus, interview with March 2011 p29

German clocks January 2011 p7, January 2011 p30, April 2011 p31, May 2011 p26, June 2011 p33, August 2011 p15

Glass for clock clock bezels March 2011 p9

Glass tubes for French pendulums November 2011 p9




Hammermen, Incorporations of June 2011 p27, July 2011 p11

Hand-setting mechanism February 2011 p7

Holtby, Peter, master clockmaker, interview with December 2011 p21

Hooded clock August 2011 p12

Horogrene January 2011 p7

Horse, see ‘Movement stands’




Kitchen clock June 2011 p33




Lacquer, coloured February 2011 p9

Lantern clocks April 2011 p11, May 2011 p11, June 2011 p11, September 2011 p11, October 2011 p11, December 2011 p11

Lepine bar March 2011 p19

Longcase clocks January 2011 p11, January 2011 p26, February 2011 p17, April 2011 p26, April 2011 p37, May 2011 p7, May 2011 p17, June 2011 p26, July 2011 p11, July 2011 p15, July 2011 p19, August 2011 p26, September 2011 p17, November 2011 p11, December 2011 p11, December 2011 p15, December 2011 p26, December 2011 p33

Longcase clocks, round dial January 2011 p11




Mainspring barrels, repairing cracks in November 2011 p31

Mainsprings, open January 2011 p7, July 2011 p31

Maltese cross stopwork, see ‘Stopwork, Maltese cross’

Marble case, cleaning of July 2011 p30

Mason, Bernard May 2011 p11

Massiv movements January 2011 p7

Microscope, use of in clock repair October 2011 p7

Moon and tide dials, see ‘Dials, moon and tide’

Morez clocks, seeComtoise clocks’

Movement stands January 2011 p19




Nightwatchman’s clock May 2011 p22

Northallerton Clock Club September 2011 p7

Norwich movement April 2011 p7




Ormolu cases July 2011 p30




Pallet repair November 2011 p7

Passmore, Mervyn, interview with March 2011 p35

Patti, the May 2011 p31

Pigeon timing clock July 2011 p26

Plate spreader, use of February 2011 p26

Pocket watches, see ‘Watches’

Public clocks August 2011 p9, September 2011 p26, October 2011 p26




Regulator movement August 2011 p7

Repair and restoration January 2011 p31, January 2011 p37, February 2011 p37, March 2011 p15, March 2011 p37, April 2011 p37, May 2011 p31, May 2011 p37, June 2011 p35, July 2011 p19, July 2011 p31, August 2011 p21, September 2011 p17, October 2011 p7, November 2011 p7, November 2011 p17, November 2011 p31, December 2011 p33

Rope, splicing of October 2011 p23

Rust remover April 2011 p9




Severs, David, horological historian, interview with September 2011 p23

Shenton, Nigel, horological bookseller, interview with October 2011 p39

Skeleton clocks March 2011 p7, September 2011 p9, November 2011 p15

Silvered dial, cleaning of August 2011 p25

Snail, making replacement February 2011 p7, March 2011 p7

Speaking clock May 2011 p9

Splicing, see ‘Rope, splicing of’

Stopwork, Maltese cross March 2011 p22

Striking mechanism, unusual January 2011 p27

Striking, rack, invention of February 2011 p29

Striking system of Comtoise clocks October 2011 p17

Strike timing June 2011 p25

Suspension, pendulum May 2011 p24




Tarnish inhibitor July 2011 p9

Teeth, replacement of August 2011 p21

Tidal indication, see ‘Dials, moon and tide’

Turret clock, movement of April 2011 p9




Ultrasonic cleaning January 2011 p7




Verge bob, making of November 2011 p25

Vienna-type clocks May 2011 p26




Walsh, Desmond, retiral of September 2011 p9

Waschmann, Johnny, interview with July 2011 p39

Watches March 2011 p19, August 2011 p31, November 2011 p9

Watch dials, painted November 2011 p26

Weight, small February 2011 p18

Wheel cutting June 2011 p25

Wheel, remounting of September 2011 p25, October 2011 p22







Aicken, James, of Corke January 2011 p34

Allam, Robert, of London November 2011 p48

Almond, William, of London April 2011 p41

American Clock Company May 2011 p27

Ames, Richard, of London November 2011 p46

Ansonia January 2011 p37, May 2011 p27, August 2011 p18

Antram, Joseph January 2011 p28

Archer, Walter and Charles, of Stow-on-the-Wold June 2011 p11

Aubanel and Rochat of Paris September 2011 p42

Audemars Piguet August 2011 p41

Aubert & Klaftenberger of Paris December 2011 p46

Avenall, the family, of Alton, New Alresford and Farnham December 2011 p33

Avenell, Philip, of Farnham October 2011 p23

Aylward, John, of Guildford April 2011 p13




Bagnall, Randal, of Talk, Staffordshire February 2011 p11

Bagnall, W H, of London January 2011 p34

Banks, George, of Canongate October 2011 p26

Baptiste Beha, John August 2011 p45

Barber, Jonas, of Winster December 2011 p17

Barlow, Edward February 2011 p29

Barr, William, of Dover February 2011 p45

Barraud of Cornhill, London August 2011 p41

Barraud & Lund of London April 2011 p46

Baume of London August 2011 p41

Beck, Richard September 2011 p11

Becker, Gustav January 2011 p30, May 2011 p27, August 2011 p43

Bennett of London December 2011 p44

Benoit Temmerman of Wattrelos, Belgium July 2011 p27

Benson, J W, of London April 2011 p45

Berry, Samuel, of London July 2011 p44

Berthoud, Ferdinand, of Paris May 2011 p41, June 2011 p41, December 2011 p44

Bilbie, William, of Chew Stoke June 2011 p7

Blumenthal & Co of Sunderland April 2011 p21

Bolliver of Paris July 2011 p41

Bond, W May 2011 p46

Booth, Edward, see Barlow, Edward

Borel, Jean Henri June 2011 p41

Bothamley, William, of Kirkton, Lincolnshire March 2011 p14

Bowen, John, of London June 2011 p46

Bowyer, William December 2011 p12

Brand, Alexander, of Canongate, Edinburgh June 2011 p26

Breguet August 2011 p42

Brocot, Achille, of Paris December 2011 p42

Bronless of Staindrop February 2011 p7

Brown, Andrew, of Edinburgh October 2011 p30

Buffett, John, of Colchester April 2011 p45, May 2011 p11

Buknor, Philip, of Canongate October 2011 p30

Bull, William, of Leicester March 2011 p36

Bullingford, C, of London November 2011 p28

Bullock, James, of London September 2011 p46

Bush, James, of London September 2011 p46

Butcher, Charles, of Bedford February 2011 p12

Byard, John, of Bloomsbury, London May 2011 p41




Camerer Kuss of London November 2011 p46

Carpenter, William, of London January 2011 p45

Carpin, John, of Norwich September 2011 p45

Cartier January 2011 p41, February 2011 p42

Cary, John & William March 2011 p43

Cellier of Paris November 2011 p42

Christie of London July 2011 p42

Chubb, Jonathan, of London January 2011 p43

Closon, Peter, of London September 2011 p11

Clowes, John, of Russell Street, Covent Garden December 2011 p41

Cockburn, Richard April 2011 p45

Cockey, Edward, of Warminster September 2011 p43

Cocteau, Joseph September 2011 p41

Cole, Charles May 2011 p41

Cole, James ‘Conjurer’, of Nether Stowey October 2011 p7

Cole, Thomas, of London February 2011 p41, June 2011 p44

Colley, Richard January 2011 p28

Comyns, William, of London June 2011 p44, October 2011 p42

Condliff, James, of Liverpool November 2011 p42

Congreve July 2011 p41

Cox, the family, of Taunton October 2011 p7

Cox, James August 2011 p41

Cox, Jason, of Long Acre, London August 2011 p27

Coombs, Derek July 2011 p41

Coventry, Carr September 2011 p15

Crawford, Thomas, of Gallowgate, Glasgow July 2011 p19

Creak, William, of London June 2011 p46

Creitch, Robert, of Leith October 2011 p27

Crundwell, of Tonbridge, Kent November 2011 p27




Davies, Edmund, of Ellesmere August 2011 p26

Davis, Samuel September 2011 p11

Davis, Tobias September 2011 p11

Day, Edmund, of London December 2011 p44

Deacon, Samuel, of Leicester and Barton-in-the-Beans February 2011 p19, March 2011 p31, May 2011 p17

De Charmes, Simon February 2011 p41

De Lafons of Royal Exchange, London April 2011 p43

Delander, Daniel January 2011 p28

Dent, E, & Co Ltd June 2011 p44

Dent of London March 2011 p45, July 2011 p43, November 2011 p46, December 2011 p41

Derham, William March 2011 p31

Devaulx, S, of Palais Royal May 2011 p45

Dickie, Alexander, of Edinburgh June 2011 p28

Dixon, John, of Halifax March 2011 p13

Dollond March 2011 p43

Donisthorpe, Joseph, of Loughborough February 2011 p19, March 2011 p34, May 2011 p17

Drocourt February 2011 p46, July 2011 p43, December 2011 p41

Du Chesne, Claudius February 2011 p41

Dudson, Simon September 2011 p11

Dunlop, Andrew, of London August 2011 p32




East, Edward August 2011 p11

Ebsworth, John, of London February 2011 p42, August 2011 p26

Ellicott, Andrew February 2011 p17

Ellicott, John, of London September 2011 p41

Ellicott, Joseph, of Buckingham, Pennsylvania February 2011 p17

Ellicott of London June 2011 p44

Elliott of London June 2011 p46, August 2011 p45

Eureka April 2011 p43, June 2011 p46

Evans of Handsworth, Birmingham May 2011 p41

Ever Ready July 2011 p41, November 2011 p46




Favre-Bulle, Maurice Philippe December 2011 p23

Fenton, William, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne February 2011 p14

Ferci, Antionio, of Asti April 2011 p41

Ferguson, James March 2011 p14

Foucanote, Nicolas October 2011 p28

Francis, Richard, of Wymondham August 2011 p45

Francom, George, of Portsea November 2011 p26

Frodsham, John August 2011 p45

Fromanteel, Ahasuerus June 2011 p13, August 2011 p11, September 2011 p12, September 2011 p41

Fyfe, William, of Edinburgh June 2011 p28




Galle, Claude November 2011 p41

Galloway, Christopher October 2011 p27

Garland of London March 2011 p36

Gebruder Resch May 2011 p28

Gibson, Thomas, of London May 2011 p45

Gilbert January 2011 p37, April 2011 p36

Gille l’aine of Paris November 2011 p41

Gillett & Bland, Steam Clock Factory, Croydon January 2011 p44

Goddard, Christopher, of London July 2011 p46

Gordon, Patrick, of Edinburgh June 2011 p26

Gowland, the family, of north-east England July 2011 p15

Gowland, William, of Blyth, Northumberland, and Sunderland July 2011 p15

Graham, George January 2011 p28, March 2011 p19

Gray, Benjamin, of London April 2011 p44

Gray, Benjamin, of Loughborough May 2011 p20

Gray, James junior, of Edinburgh June 2011 p28

Gretton, Charles February 2011 p41, July 2011 p45

Gretton, George April 2011 p41

Grimaldy & Johnson August 2011 p43

Grimaldi, William, of London August 2011 p27

Guilbert of Paris April 2011 p44




Hackett, Richard, of Harringworth March 2011 p11

HAC, see ‘Hamburg American Clock Co’

Hahn, Theodore May 2011 p23

Halifax, John, of Barnsley, Yorkshire January 2011 p43

Hallam, Edward, of Leicester March 2011 p36

Haller, Thomas January 2011 p7

Hally, Thomas, of Glasgow and London July 2011 p11

Hamburg American Clock Co January 2011 p33, June 2011 p34, August 2011 p22, October 2011 p31

Hammers, John, of London March 2011 p44

Hampson, Thomas, of Wrexham August 2011 p28

Harding, Charles, of Ashburton April 2011 p43

Hardwick, Richard, of Ashwick, Somerset October 2011 p7

Harland, Thomas, of Norwich, Connecticut August 2011 p28

Harrison June 2011 p44

Harrison of Diss March 2011 p7

Harrison, John September 2011 p45

Harrison, William, of London September 2011 p44

Harrocks, Joshua, of Lancaster February 2011 p17

Hartek, J, of Vienna August 2011 p45

Hartmann, Francois-Joseph September 2011 p41

Harvey, John, of London September 2011 p11

Hatot, Léon December 2011 p24

Hawkins, W M, of St Edmonds Bury October 2011 p41

Hayler, William, of Chatham December 2011 p11

Haynes, William, of Aylesbury April 2011 p12

Hayton, John, of London May 2011 p43

Heafield, John, of Bosworth March 2011 p36

Hemon July 2011 p41

Henderson, Ebenezer, of Dunfermline March 2011 p14

Hewett, George, of Marlborough September 2011 p44

Hindley, Henry, of York August 2011 p31

Hindley, Roger, of Clerkenwell August 2011 p31

Hinks, William, of Southampton August 2011 p45

Hird, Edward, of Ambleside December 2011 p16

Hird, Edward, of Ulverston December 2011 p17

Hird, Henry and Edward, of Thornhill, Dumfriesshire December 2011 p19

Hird, Henry, of Ulpha and Ulverston, Cumberland December 2011 p15

Hird, William, of Ulverston December 2011 p17

Hird, William and Edward, of Barrow-in-Furness December 2011 p17

Holiday, Cornelius Brook August 2011 p34

Holloway November 2011 p7

Holmden of London September 2011 p44

Holmes, Thomas, of London December 2011 p44

Holtby, Peter September 2011 p9, November 2011 p15, December 2011 p21

Honeybone, Richard, of Wanborough September 2011 p17

Hopkins, Henry, of Deptford April 2011 p46

Horwood, Charles, of Bristol March 2011 p12

Houdebine of Paris December 2011 p46

Houghton, Edward May 2011 p12

Hoy, D J, of Mattishall March 2011 p15

Hunt & Roskell of London December 2011 p41

Hunter, William, of Dunfermline April 2011 p29

Huygens, Christian September 2011 p12

Hymes, Richard August 2011 p26




Ingraham April 2011 p36

Ingram Bros of Wood Green, London April 2011 p24

Innes, David, of Edinburgh June 2011 p28




Jaeger LeCoultre April 2011 p45, June 2011 p41, November 2011 p43

James, William, of Edinburgh June 2011 p28

Japy Frères February 2011 p46

Japy, L, & Cie June 2011 p43

Jerome January 2011 p37

Johnston, William, of the Strand, William September 2011 p46

‘Joker’ clock August 2011 p15

Jones, John, of Wrexham August 2011 p29

Jones, Robert & Sons, of Liverpool October 2011 p45

Joseph & Newman December 2011 p41

Jourdain, William, of London January 2011 p45

Jump of London November 2011 p46, December 2011 p46

Junghans, Arthur April 2011 p31

Junghans, Erhard January 2011 p30, April 2011 p31, May 2011 p28, August 2011 p15

Junghans, Xaver April 2011 p31




Kay, David, of Crail October 2011 p28

Kimich & Co of Bath February 2011 p46

Kippar, John, of Retford November 2011 p28

Knibb, Joseph, of Oxford and London January 2011 p41, February 2011 p33, February 2011 p41, April 2011 p41, June 2011 p13, September 2011 p43

Knight, Hugh, of Stone May 2011 p7

Knight, Thomas, of Thaxted April 2011 p7

Knox, Archibald November 2011 p46

Kuehl Clock Company October 2011 p32

Kupferschmid and Dato of London March 2011 p45




Lane, Frederick Almon January 2011 p37

Lattes Frères June 2011 p41

Lavet, Marius December 2011 p24

Laylor, H, of Leeds July 2011 p9

Le Fubure of Le Havre July 2011 p45

Lenzkirch January 2011 p7, February 2011 p46, May 2011 p26

Leonard, Thomas, of London May 2011 p44

Le Roy & Fils May 2011 p45

Liberty & Co March 2011 p45

Lightbody, the family, of Lanark November 2011 p7

Lindley, Thomas, of Leicester February 2011 p19, March 2011 p31

Lister, Thomas, of Halifax February 2011 p12, March 2011 p12

Lister, W & Sons, Newcastle-upon-Tyne March 2011 p42

Lister, William, of Keighley February 2011 p12

Logie, Robert, of Edinburgh June 2011 p28

London, John, of Bristol April 2011 p41

London Stereoscopic Company November 2011 p46

Long, John, of London April 2011 p14

Loomes, Thomas September 2011 p12

Low, Thomas, of Dundee November 2011 p48

Lowry, Morgan, in Leeds January 2011 p41

Ludlum, the Reverend July 2011 p41

Lussault family of Marçay, France September 2011 p26




Mackie, J, of Cheapside July 2011 p43

Manière of Paris June 2011 p46

Maple & Co February 2011 p45, June 2011 p44

Margetts, George, of Old Woodstock and London August 2011 p44

Markham Perigal February 2011 p41

Markwick February 2011 p41

Marsh, Humphrey, of Highworth, Wiltshire June 2011 p46, October 2011 p11

Marshall, William, of Leicester March 2011 p36

Marti, Samuel June 2011 p41

Mason of London February 2011 p41

Mason, Thomas, of Bawtry November 2011 p17

Maspoli, A, of Hull March 2011 p43

Mawkes, Thomas, of Derby and Chesterfield January 2011 p11

Mawkes, Thomas, of Belper January 2011 p11

Mayer, J, of Paris July 2011 p45

McCabe, James, of Royal Exchange, London August 2011 p43

McClintock Company, O B, of Minneapolis August 2011 p9

McQueen, Alexander, of Edinburgh June 2011 p28

M E Gravity Clock Company of London November 2011 p45

Millard, John, of Stogursey October 2011 p7

Mills, Humphry, of Edinburgh October 2011 p28

Molyneux & Sons January 2011 p45

Monteil of Toulouse May 2011 p45

Moore Brothers & Co of Birmingham October 2011 p46

Morgan, Thomas, of Edinburgh June 2011 p26, July 2011 p7

Morice, D & W, of Cornhill, London February 2011 p46

Mornand of Paris August 2011 p32

Moss, Thomas, of Frodsham, Cheshire March 2011 p14

Mougin, A D September 2011 p45

Moulin, Marcel Andre December 2011 p23

Mudge, Thomas August 2011 p31

Murray, John, of Peebles October 2011 p27




Neill, Sharman D, of Paris October 2011 p42

New Haven April 2011 p36

New, William, of Trowbridge November 2011 p46

Nicol, James, of Canongate, Edinburgh June 2011 p26

Nicol, William, of Edinburgh June 2011 p26

Norman, Matthew May 2011 p44

Norris, Edward September 2011 p11

Northrop, William, of Wakefield, Yorkshire February 2011 p11




Ogden, Thomas, of Halifax February 2011 p12

Osborne, Thomas Hadley, of Birmingham January 2011 p27, December 2011 p26

Osborne & Wilson of Birmingham December 2011 p27, December 2011 p33




Pace, John, of Bury St Edmunds May 2011 p41

Pace, Thomas, of Whitechapel, London May 2011 p41

Parker & Whipple of Meriden, Connecticut January 2011 p37

Parkinson & Frodsham July 2011 p41

Patek Philippe August 2011 p41

Paul of Geneva March 2011 p23

Payne of New Bond Street, London September 2011 p45

Peddie, Andrew, of Stirling April 2011 p28

Peddie, Ebenezer, of Stirling April 2011 p28

Peddie, James, of Stirling April 2011 p26

Perigal, Francis, of London January 2011 p41

Perrin Frères February 2011 p44

Petegrew, James October 2011 p27

Phillipson, Henry, of Ulverston March 2011 p13, December 2011 p17

Piaget June 2011 p41

Pickett, John, of Marlborough August 2011 p11

Piguet & Capt, Geneva August 2011 p41

Piguet & Meylan January 2011 p41, June 2011 p41

Pinchbeck, Christopher, of London March 2011 p12

Pistor, Edward, of London February 2011 p41

Planchon, Matieu, of Paris June 2011 p43, November 2011 p45

Pocock, Richard, of Hawkley December 2011 p33

Polyphon October 2011 p42

Pridham, William, of St Botolphs Aldgate, London November 2011 p12

Priest, George, of Norwich February 2011 p45

Purves, William, of Edinburgh October 2011 p28

Pyke, Thomas, of Bridgwater October 2011 p7




Quare, Daniel February 2011 p32, February 2011 p41, November 2011 p45




Raingo Frères of Paris January 2011 p43

Ransom, James, of London August 2011 p41

Raynes, William, of York April 2011 p41

Recordon & Dupont December 2011 p41

Reeve, Claude July 2011 p41

Reeve, William, of Spalding April 2011 p14

Reymond, Georges January 2011 p41

Richardson, Richard, of Aston, Cheshire March 2011 p11

Riefler, Sigmund, of Munich November 2011 p41

Robert-Houdin November 2011 p46

Roberts, J, of Bath October 2011 p42

Rochat, Frédéric June 2011 p41

Rolex August 2011 p41

Rose, Edward, of Ulverston December 2011 p17

Rose, William, of Aylesbury April 2011 p11

Roskell, Robert, of Liverpool May 2011 p43

Rotherham Clockmakers of Coventry December 2011 p41




Sandow, Thomas, of St Ives, Cornwall September 2011 p45

Savory & Sons, A B, of Clerkenwell, London August 2011 p32

Scheper, Cesare, of Florence April 2011 p41

Schwan of Baden-Baden November 2011 p43

Scott April 2011 p43

Schlenker-Grüsen, J, of Schwenningen May 2011 p23, July 2011 p7

Seddon, Daniel, of Frodsham March 2011 p11

Selwood, John and William, of London September 2011 p11

Sessions May 2011 p31

Seth Thomas Clock Co, see ‘Thomas, Seth’

Silvani, Joseph, of Brighton April 2011 p41

Simpson, Robert, of Poulton-le-Flyde, Lancashire November 2011 p30

Smith, Daniel, of Canongate October 2011 p30

Smith, James, of Edinburgh October 2011 p30

Smith, John, of Canongate October 2011 p30

Smith, Joseph, of Gloverstones, Chester September 2011 p44

Smith, Samuel, of London August 2011 p43

Smith, William, of Canongate October 2011 p28

Smiths of Clerkenwell, London May 2011 p41

Smorthwaite, John May 2011 p13

Snow, John, of Frome April 2011 p45

Snow, Will, of Padside June 2011 p16

Soldano, John, of Paris December 2011 p42

Speakman, William, of Hatton Wall, London February 2011 p46, April 2011 p14

Stanhous, Sir Patrick, of Peebles October 2011 p27

Stanyer, John, of Chester August 2011 p29

Stevens, Henry, of London September 2011 p11

Stewart, Adam G July 2011 p46

Stokes family of Stourbridge November 2011 p12

Stokes, John, of Bewdley November 2011 p13

Stokes, Stephen, of London November 2011 p13

Stumbels, William, of Totnes March 2011 p13

Sweby, John, of London April 2011 p13




Tavernier of Paris November 2011 p41

Taylor, John, of London November 2011 p45

Taylor, John, of Manchester January 2011 p45, July 2011 p42

Telechron April 2011 p44

Telephonbau und Normalzeit February 2011 p18

Terry, Silas B May 2011 p27

Thomas, Seth January 2011 p37, May 2011 p27

Thomire, Pierre-Philippe November 2011 p41

Thristle, the family, of Stogursey October 2011 p7

Tiffany March 2011 p44

Tompion, Thomas January 2011 p28, February 2011 p30

Topping, John, of London April 2011 p41

Tyte, Cornelius, of Swansea, South Wales December 2011 p26

Tyte, Cornelius, of Wells, Somerset December 2011 p26

Tyte, George Williams December 2011 p32

Tyte, John William Plenty Curtis December 2011 p28

Tyte, Samuel December 2011 p27





United Freiburg Clock Manufacturing Company May 2011 p29




Vacheron & Constantin August 2011 p41

Vick, James, of London September 2011 p7

Vincenti & Cie February 2011 p45

Voisin, Henry March 2011 p41

Vulliamy, London May 2011 p45, September 2011 p44, December 2011 p44

Vulliamy, Justin, of London April 2011 p44




Walker, John, of South Molton St, London February 2011 p43

Walker, Jonathan, of London October 2011 p42

Walters, William March 2011 p13

Ward, Henry July 2011 p41

Ward, Robert, of London August 2011 p27

Warne of West Brompton December 2011 p41

Waterbury January 2011 p37, May 2011 p27

Watts, Robert, of Stamford October 2011 p41

Webster of Salop December 2011 p43

Wehrle April 2011 p42

Wehrle Brothers of Kilburn November 2011 p43

Welch April 2011 p36, May 2011 p31

Whichcote, Samuel, of London July 2011 p46

Whitchurch, Saamuel, of Kingswood August 2011 p28

Whitaker, Samuel, of Middleton January 2011 p34

Whitehurst, John January 2011 p11

Wilding, John July 2011 p41, October 2011 p17

Willis World Clock Co July 2011 p7, August 2011 p7

Willeumier of Paris November 2011 p29

Windmills, Joseph, of London January 2011 p43, February 2011 p41, April 2011 p14, December 2011 p41

Winterhalder & Hofmeier January 2011 p7

Wise, John, of Warwick and London May 2011 p45, June 2011 p13, November 2011 p45, December 2011 p13

Wise, Richard, of London August 2011 p44

Wood, Thomas, of London February 2011 p46

Worswick, Thomas, of Lancaster February 2011 p17

Worth, John January 2011 p34




Yale Clock Co January 2011 p37, February 2011 p37, March 2011 p37

Yates, Cornelius, of London and Canongate October 2011 p26

Yeadon, William, of Stourbridge November 2011 p11

Younge, Henry, of Strand February 2011 p33




Zenith October 2011 p45

Zoffany August 2011 p27

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