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Index | Volume 33 | 2010

This Index is in two sections. The ‘General Horology Index’ is an alphabetical list of topics covered. The ‘Maker Index’ lists clock and watch makers with details of the magazine(s) in which they have appeared. We hold extensive stocks of back issues and you can use the ‘Buy a back issue’ button to check availability and buy.





American clocks May-10 p23, Jun-10 p36, Jul-10 p37, Nov-10 p35

Art Nouveau clock Feb-10 p6

Atmos clock Jul-10 p42

Auctions featuring clocks Jan-10 p41, Feb-10 p41, Mar-10 p41, Apr-10 p41, May-10 p41, Jun-10 p41, Jul-10 p41, Aug-10 p41, Sep-10 p41, Oct-10 p43, Nov-10 p41, Dec-10 p37




Barometer, clock with Apr-10 p26, Jun-10 p7

Barrel caps, replacement of Dec-10 p21

Beilby, Ian May-10 p22

Black Forest clocks Feb-10 p29, Apr-10 p15, Jul-10 p31, Jul-10 p37, Aug-10 p32, Sep-10 p23, Oct-10 p17, Nov-10 p7, Dec-10 p17

Black marble clocks Mar-10 p35, Jun-10 p7

Blue moon Jul-10 p15, Aug-10 p7, Sep-10 p6

Book reviews:

  A LIFE WITH ANTIQUE CLOCKS, by Derek Roberts Apr-10 p23


  BEDALE CLOCKMAKERS, by David Severs Dec-10 p34

  CLOCK & WATCH REPAIRING, by Donald de Carle Jul-10 p22



  GEAR CUTTING ON THE LATHE, by Laurie Penman Oct-10 p15

  HOW THE WATCH WAS WORN by Genevieve Cummins Oct-10 p15

  THE HOROLOGICAL DIRECTORY by Richard Snelling Nov-10 p17

  THE MARINE CHRONOMETER by John Cronin Sep-10 p19

  THE TAVERN CLOCK, by Martin Gatto Jun-10 p14

  300 YEARS OF IRISH TIMEKEEPING, by Kevin and Carol Chellar Aug-10 p23

Bracket clocks Aug-10 p17, Sep-10 p15

British Horological Institute Aug-10 p9, Oct-10 p9

Bronzing fluid Jun-10 p9

Brookes, John and Gregory Jun-10 p23

Bull, Simon Jul-10 p40

Bushes, top hat May-10 p7




Capucine clock Jun-10 p26

Carriage clock from Franche Comté Jun-10 p26

Cartel clock, English Jan-10 p15

Case, making of Apr-10 p29

Chinese turret clock Aug-10 p10

Chronophage Mar-10 p9

Church clocks, see ‘Turret clocks’

Cleaner for

  clock movements Oct-10 p19

  clock cases Feb-10 p10

Clock clubs Apr-10 p6, May-10 p7

Clockmaker’s revenge Dec-10 p26

Comtoise clocks May-10 p26

Courses in clock repair Nov-10 p9

Crowder, Bob Aug-10 p39

Cuckoo clocks Feb-10 p19, Sep-10 p9




Designing and making clocks Jan-10 p24, Jan-10 p26, Feb-10 p24, Mar-10 p24, Apr-10 p24, May-10 p24, Jun-10 p24, Jul-10 p24, Aug-10 p24, Sep-10 p24, Oct-10 p24, Nov-10 p24, Dec-10 p24

Dial clocks Sep-10 p7, Sep-10 p21

Dial pillar, restoration of Apr-10 p19

Dial, rocking ship, making of Aug-10 p26, Sep-10 p37, Oct-10 p31, Nov-10 p37, Dec-10 p29

Dials, Scottish Mar-10 p32, May-10 p7, Oct-10 p26

Dials, transfers for Jan-10 p10

Diary, horological Jan-10 p10

Directory, horological Sep-10 p10




Ears, replacement Aug-10 p9

Electric clocks Jul-10 p26, Sep-10 p6, Nov-10 p6, Dec-10 p7

Engine-turned dial Aug-10 p7

English dial clock Apr-10 p37

Engraving, practice Nov-10 p32




Fairs and exhibitions featuring clocks Jan-10 p10, Mar-10 p10, May-10 p9, Jun-10 p7, Aug-10 p9

Falseplate replacement May-10 p9

Finials, wooden, for longcase clocks Nov-10 p9

Freemasons or Forrester clock Dec-10 p6

French clocks Mar-10 p6, Aug-10 p33




Hadfield, Jill Mar-10 p33

Hand-setting feature Aug-10 p7

Heat source for clock repairers Oct-10 p9

Hodgson, Tom, horological curator Dec-10 p35

Hooded clocks Aug-10 p11

Horizontal turret clock, French Aug-10 p33

Horogrene Oct-10 p19


Hunter, John, Editor of CLOCKS Sep-10 p35




Incense seals Apr-10 p39

Indian clocks Sep-10 p21




Lantern clocks Jan-10 p11, Mar-10 p11, May-10 p11, Jul-10 p11, Sep-10 p11, Oct-10 p11, Dec-10 p11

Lectronic clock Jul-10 p26

LMS Jan-10 p6,

Longcase clocks Jan-10 p7, Feb-10 p11, Mar-10 p26, Mar-10 p32, May-10 p26, Jun-10 p11, Oct-10 p6, Oct-10 p26, Nov-10 p6, Nov-10 p11, Nov-10 p32, Dec-10 p11, Dec-10 p17

 Cuckoo Feb-10 p19

 Metal Jan-10 p35

 Wooden movement May-10 p23




‘Made in …‘ marks on clocks Feb-10 p37

Mantel clock Nov-10 p35, Dec-10 p15

Marble papers Jun-10 p9

Mecca clock, see ‘Saudi clock’

Morbier clocks, see ‘Comtoise clocks’

Morez clocks, see ‘Comtoise clocks’

Motionwork, replacing teeth of Feb-10 p26

Museums and exhibitions featuring clocks Feb-10 p9, Sep-10 p9, Nov-10 p9




National Maritime Museum Nov-10 p9

Night watchman’s clock Feb-10 p6, Oct-10 p7

Noctuary, see ‘Night watchman’s clock’

Normandy clock Jan-10 p31, Mar-10 p6

Norwich clock Mar-10 p19




Oiling, kit for clock Sep-10 p9

Orrery, making of Jan-10 p26

Overwinding Mar-10 p6, Jun-10 p7




Parker, Lionel & Maggie Feb-10 p35

Patti mantel clock Jul-10 p19

Pendulums Dec-10 p17

Penman, Laurie Jul-10 p9

Pittenweem, clockmakers of Sep-10 p26, Oct-10 p37

Pivot holes

  Repairs to Jan-10 p6

  Tool for Apr-10 p10

  Worn May-10 p7

Pocket watches

  Collecting May-10 p17, Nov-10 p19

  Containers for Mar-10 p7

Public clocks, see ‘Turret clocks’




Regulators Dec-10 p17

Repair and restoration Jan-10 p21, Jan-10 p37, Apr-10 p19, Jun-10 p19, Jul-10 p19

Replica of Tompion clock installed at National Maritime Museum Nov-10 p9

Rocking ship dial, see ‘Dial, rocking ship, making of’

Robey, John Apr-10 p35




Saudi clock Oct-10 p9

Schotten movements Jul-10 p31

Securing a movement Mar-10 p18

Shenton, Ken, fellow of the Antiquarian Horological Society Nov-10 p33

Skeavington, John, engraver Oct-10 p30

Skeletonised plates Jan-10 p37

Slate, see ‘Black marble, restoration’ Mar-10 p35

Sleep-meter alarm clock Jan-10 p21

Soldering Jan-10 p23

Striking, rack, invention of Dec-10 p6

Swedish clock case Feb-10 p6




Tavern clocks Feb-10 p31

Teeth, replacement of Feb-10 p26

Trademarks Sep-10 p23

Turret clocks May-10 p31, Aug-10 p33

Tymperleys Clock Museum Nov-10 p9




Vienna and Vienna-type wall clocks Mar-10 p18




Wag on the wall clocks Apr-10 p15

Wall clocks, English Jan-10 p15, Feb-10 p31, Mar-10 p19, Apr-10 p37, May-10 p37, Jun-10 p37, Jul-10 p37

Wasdell, Adam, interview of Jan-10 p29

Watches Feb-10 p15, Mar-10 p7

  Dial restoration Jun-10 p15

Watch key owned by Thomas Jefferson Mar-10 p10

Watchman’s clock, see ‘Night watchman’s clock’

Websites featuring clocks Feb-10 p10

Weights Jan-10 p7

Wood stains for damaged clock cases Mar-10 p10







Adie, Alexander, of Edinburgh Nov-10 p46

Adie & Sons Oct-10 p43

Aitchison, James, of Princes St, Edinburgh Aug-10 p41

Ansonia Jul-10 p19

Arnold, John Roger, of London Jan-10 p45, Feb-10 p41

Aronsberg & Co of Manchester Nov-10 p46

Audemars Piguet Aug-10 p41




Bagnall, W H, of London Dec-10 p20

Bailey, Charles Apr-10 p12

Ball, William, of Bicester Aug-10 p11

Banks, John, of Oldham Oct-10 p6

Bannister of 3 Regent Place, London Jul-10 p6, Oct-10 p7

Barber, Jonas, of Winster Jan-10 p46, Oct-10 p47

Barlow, Benjamin, of Ashton-under-Lyne and Oldham Jul-10 p15, Aug-10 p7, Sep-10 p6, Oct-10 p6, Dec-10 p6

Barlow, Edward Oct-10 p6, Dec-10 p6

Barlow, Henry Oct-10 p8

Barlow, John, of Oldham Sep-10 p6

Barlow, William, of King’s Lynn May-10 p11

Barnes, Thomas, of Forestville, Connecitcut Jul-10 p19

Barraclough & Sons of London Mar-10 p46

Barraud of London Apr-10 p45

Barraud & Lund Jul-10 p43

Battinson, John, of Blackburn Feb-10 p12

Bateman, H, of Landau Apr-10 p44

Beasley, John Aug-10 p41

Becker, Gustav Oct-10 p17

Beesley, Richard and George, of Liverpool May-10 p38

Beha, Johann Baptist Nov-10 p7

Bellman, Daniel, of Broughton Oct-10 p43

Bennett, John, of London Jan-10 p15

Bentley, Percival Arthur Jan-10 p46

Betts, Samuel Mar-10 p17

Bianchi, Arighi Oct-10 p43

Birge & Ives Jun-10 p36

Birge, John Jun-10 p36

Bourdier Dec-10 p37

Bowen, D, of Alfreton Apr-10 p26

Boyer of Paris Jun-10 p46

British United Clock Company May-10 p46

Brocot, Achille Mar-10 p39, Sep-10 p23

Brocot & Delletrez Dec-10 p37

Brockbank & Atkins of London Apr-10 p44

Brown, J C, of Forestville, Connecticut Jul-10 p19

Browne, Elias, of Norwich Jul-10 p14

Brushfield, George, of Ashford Nov-10 p45

Buchan, Alexander, of Perth Oct-10 p43

Buck, John, of Chester Jul-10 p14

Burgis, Edward, of London Jun-10 p9

Bushman, John, of London Sep-10 p43

Byrom, James, of Rochdale Oct-10 p7




Callagan, William, of London Nov-10 p41

Callouet of Paris Feb-10 p46

Cave, J A Dec-10 p37

Chambley, E, of Newcastle Feb-10 p45

Chater, Eliezer & James, of London Apr-10 p45

Chippington, W, of 176 Caledonian Road Jun-10 p37

Christie, David, of Pittenweem Oct-10 p38

Clement, Gulielmus, of London Mar-10 p41

Closon, Peter, of London Jan-10 p13, Mar-10 p17, Oct-10 p12

Coats, Robert, of Hamilton Jan-10 p7

Cole, Thomas Jan-10 p41, Feb-10 p44, Apr-10 p42

Coleman, John, of London Apr-10 p41

Colston, Richard, of London Nov-10 p42

Condliff of Liverpool Jan-10 p45

Connell, William George, of London May-10 p45

Cook, William, of Kingston Dec-10 p39

Coster, Salomon Mar-10 p13

Cowan, James, of Edinburgh Oct-10 p43

Cox, Jason, of Long Acre Nov-10 p42

Crawley, Thomas, of London Mar-10 p11

Cressener, A M, of Red Lion Square, London Aug-10 p45

Cripps, R, of Bath Jan-10 p46

Cronier of Paris Nov-10 p44

Croome, Robert, of Wotton under Edge Aug-10 p13

Cumming, J, of Falmouth Sep-10 p45




Daniels, George Sep-10 p41

Davis & Co Jul-10 p45

Davis, H, of London Sep-10 p43

Deacon, Samuel and family, of Barton-in-the-Beans Mar-10 p26, Nov-10 p26

DeCharmes, Simon Apr-10 p41

Delander Jun-10 p9

De La Salle of London Mar-10 p44

Dejardin Nov-10 p42

Delletrez, Jean-Baptiste Sep-10 p43

Dent Feb-10 p41, Jul-10 p42, Oct-10 p7

Dent, Edward, of London Aug-10 p45

Detto, David, of Pittenweem Oct-10 p38

Dold Exquisit GmbH Feb-10 p20

Dollond of London Nov-10 p46

Donaldson, R R, of Carlow Feb-10 p44

Dorrell, Francis, of London Jan-10 p16

Dorrell, William, of London Jan-10 p16

Drocourt Aug-10 p44

DuChesne, Claude Apr-10 p41

Dunlop, Andrew, of London Aug-10 p43

Dupont, P, of London May-10 p41

Durward, Joseph, of Edinburgh Oct-10 p43

Dutton, William Mar-10 p41

Dyde, Thomas, of London Jan-10 p11




East, Edward, of London Feb-10 p41, May-10 p30, Jul-10 p12

Edgecumbe & Nichols Jan-10 p45

Egerton Smith & Co of Liverpool Sep-10 p43

Ellicott, John, of London Jan-10 p45, May-10 p42, Aug-10 p41

E M & Co Apr-10 p45

Enfield Nov-10 p35

Eureka Dec-10 p7

Evans & Son of Handsworth Jan-10 p45

Eyston, Edward & Thomas, of London Jul-10 p12




Farcot May-10 p43

Fletcher, J, of London Aug-10 p45

Fox, Thomas, of Aylsham, Norfolk Mar-10 p19

France, Richard, of Warrington May-10 p26

Fraser, John, of Worcester Jul-10 p11

French of Royal Exchange, London Sep-10 p21, Dec-10 p39

French, Santiago James Moore Jan-10 p43

Frères Rochat Jun-10 p43

Frodsham Aug-10 p44

Frodsham, Charles Mar-10 p10, Jun-10 p7, Aug-10 p7, Dec-10 p39

Frodsham, G F, of 31 Gracechurch St, London Jun-10 p41

Fromanteel, Ahaseurus Jan-10 p13, Feb-10 p41, Mar-10 p13

Fromanteel & Clarke of London Jun-10 p45

Fumey Père et Fils of Focine le Haut Aug-10 p33




Ganthony of London Dec-10 p37

Garner, Paul Sep-10 p41

Garrard Clock Ltd Dec-10 p15

Geldart(e) (or Gildar/Gilder/Gildart), John, of King’s Lynn May-10 p14

Gerrans, Fuber Combe, of Wotton under Edge Aug-10 p16

Gibson of London Feb-10 p44

Gilbert Jul-10 p19

Gilbert, Thomas, of Rugeley, Staffordshire Apr-10 p12

Glading, Fras, of Brighton Dec-10 p39

Glascock, J, of Brentwood Apr-10 p46

Glynn(e), Richard, of London Jan-10 p9, Jun-10 p43

Graham, George, of London Mar-10 p41

Gordon, Hugh, of Aberdeen Oct-10 p43

Gould, Christopher May-10 p30

Goulden of Canterbury Oct-10 p45

Graham, George Aug-10 p44

Graves, W, of Leicester Jan-10 p44

Greaves, Robert, of Macclesfield Nov-10 p32

Green, T, of London Feb-10 p44

Gregory of Exeter Jul-10 p44

Grinkin, Robert, of London Mar-10 p11

Grout, William, of London Mar-10 p15

Guest, George, of Aston Dec-10 p11

Gurney, Joseph, of Bristol Apr-10 p41

Gwilt, John, of London Mar-10 p42




Haas, Philip & Söhne, of St Georgen Jun-10 p31, Jul-10 p31

Hall, William, of Barton-in-the-Beans Mar-10 p26

Halliwell, John, of Blackburn Feb-10 p11

Hamburg Amerikanische Uhrenfabrik Sep-10 p15, Dec-10 p18

Hamilton & Co of Calcutta Nov-10 p42

Harbert, Cornelius, of London Mar-10 p15

Hardy, John, of Preston Apr-10 p43

Harris, John, of London Jan-10 p11

Harmer, Jasper, of London Oct-10 p11

Harrison, John Feb-10 p19, May-10 p31, Jun-10 p36, Jun-10 p41

Harrison, William, of London Sep-10 p46

Hartwell, James, of Uttoxeter Apr-10 p12

Hatton, James May-10 p43

Hawkins, Ambrose, of Exeter Mar-10 p17, May-10 p30

Herr, Eduard & Söhne, of Triberg Jun-10 p31

Hickman, Nathan Jun-10 p13

Highley, John, of Sheerness Jun-10 p42

Hirst Brothers & Company Sep-10 p15

Hoadley, Silas May-10 p23, Sep-10 p23

Hodges, Edward, of Spalding Sep-10 p11

Hodges, John, of Spalding Sep-10 p11

Hodges, Nathaniel, of Wine Office Court, Fleet St, London Sep-10 p12

Hoffman, Joseph Nov-10 p46

Holmes, John Jan-10 p41

Hope-Jones, Frank Feb-10 p43

Horseman Aug-10 p41

Howell, J & Co, of Paris Jul-10 p41

Howell, James & Co, of London Aug-10 p43

Hunt, John, of Tredegar Dec-10 p37

Hutchinson, George, of Leeds Aug-10 p44

Huygens, Christopher Mar-10 p13, Mar-10 p39




Iddison, Thomas William, of Kirkby Malzeard Aug-10 p19

Ingraham Jul-10 p19

Ingram Bros of Wood Green, London Jun-10 p38, Sep-10 p7

International Business Machines Jan-10 p45

Ives, Amasa and Chauncey Jun-10 p36

Ives, Joseph, of Bristol, Connecticut Jun-10 p36




Jackson, Henry, of Lavington Aug-10 p45

Jacquet-Droz Jun-10 p43

James, Richard, of Pittenweem Oct-10 p38

James, Thomas, of Woolwich Nov-10 p45

Japy Frères May-10 p43, Sep-10 p45

Jarred, J, of Devizes Mar-10 p42

Jaeger le Coultre Jul-10 p42, Sep-10 p41, Dec-10 p39

Jennens, J C & Son, of Great Sutton St, London Aug-10 p45

Johnson, John Apr-10 p43

Jones of Abingdon Aug-10 p13

Jones, Henry, of London Jan-10 p42, Feb-10 p41

Jones, W & S, of 135 Holborn, London Dec-10 p42




Kay, David, of Crail Sep-10 p26

Kazes, Jean Feb-10 p43

Kerler, Hans Wilhelm, of Solothurn, Switzerland Sep-10 p41

Kienginger Feb-10 p20

Kleiser, Andrew and Joseph, of York Mar-10 p20, May-10 p39

Kloch, Pieter, of Amsterdam Apr-10 p45

Knibb Feb-10 p41, May-10 p30

Knibb, John, of Oxford Apr-10 p41

Knibb, Joseph Apr-10 p41

Knie of Edinburgh Oct-10 p43

Knox, Archibald Nov-10 p41




Lacroix, Santiago Jun-10 p26

Lacroix Frères Jun-10 p30

Laguerre Aug-10 p33

Lashmore of Oswestry Mar-10 p43

Le Count, Daniel, of London Apr-10 p42

Lee, John, of Cookham Nov-10 p42

Lees, Johnathan, of Oldham Oct-10 p6

Lepaute Dec-10 p37

L’Epée Nov-10 p44

Lenzkirch Nov-10 p46

Leroux, John, of Charing Cross, London Feb-10 p46

Le Roy et Fils of New Bond St, London Sep-10 p44

Leser of Bern Nov-10 p42

Liberty & Co Nov-10 p44

Lissignol, Jean-Abraham Aug-10 p41

Lister, John, of Pittenweem Oct-10 p38

Littlemore, the family, of Frodsham May-10 p26

Loomes, Thomas, of London Mar-10 p13

Lowndes, Jonathan Mar-10 p41

Lugg, Jasper, of Gloucester Mar-10 p17

Lumsden, David, of Pittenweem Oct-10 p38

Lumsden, George, of Pittenweem Sep-10 p27, Oct-10 p37

Lund and Blockley Nov-10 p42




Magneta Aug-10 p43

Manning of Worcester Oct-10 p45

Maple & Co of Paris Feb-10 p46

Marc, Henri, of Paris Apr-10 p42

Margaine May-10 p43

Markwick Markham of London Oct-10 p13

Marti & Cie Feb-10 p46, Jul-10 p42

Martin, John, of London Oct-10 p45

Martinot, Baltazar, of Paris Feb-10 p46

Matchet, John, of London Jul-10 p12

Maughan of Beverley Jun-10 p41

Mauthe Dec-10 p18

Maxant, Etienne May-10 p42

McCabe, James, of Royal Exchange, London Nov-10 p45, Dec-10 p39

McQuater, Archie, of Edinburgh Aug-10 p17

Mell, Davis, of London Mar-10 p11

Meredith, John, of London Jul-10 p41

Merriman, Benjamin, of London Apr-10 p46

Miller, John, of Pittenweem & Stromness Oct-10 p38

Moorhouse of Liverpool Jan-10 p44

Moraths of London Feb-10 p6

Morgan, Richard, of London Mar-10 p11

Morland, Richard, of Kirkby Malzeard, Masham and Boroughbridge Aug-10 p19

Morland, William, of Kirkby Malzeard, Sunderland and Durham Aug-10 p19

Mudge, Thomas, of London Mar-10 p41, May-10 p43

Murday Dec-10 p7

Murray, Charles, of London Jan-10 p11

Musker & Co of Liverpool Sep-10 p43




Negretti & Zambra Nov-10 p41

Nelson, Albert Dec-10 p37

Nepro Minisonic Patent Roto Contact Apr-10 p7

Ness, George, of Pittenweem Oct-10 p38

New Haven of Connecticut Nov-10 p35

Newsome & Co of Coventry May-10 p41

Nicholas, William and Caleb, of Birmingham Mar-10 p42

Norton, Eardley Jun-10 p42




Ogden, Thomas 2Jun-10 p7

Oliphant, Alexander, of Pittenweem Sep-10 p27

Omphalius, F Jun-10 p46

Osborn, Thomas, of Birmingham Dec-10 p17

Owen, John, of Llanrwst Jan-10 p43, Sep-10 p42




Page & Christian of Norwich Jan-10 p45

Parker, John Mar-10 p42

Partridge, William, of London Jul-10 p12

Paschen, Bernhard Dec-10 p18

Paul, Thomas, of London May-10 p42

Pegler, Alfred, of Southampton Sep-10 p44

Perigal, Francis, of Royal Exchange, London Aug-10 p42

Peters, Adolf, of Kiel Oct-10 p43

Piguet & Meylan Aug-10 p41

Pixley, John, of Gravesend Sep-10 p44

Pluvier, Isaac, of Haarlem and London Nov-10 p11

Pollard, T & J, of Exeter May-10 p31

Pons Nov-10 p44

Poole, James & Co, of London Dec-10 p42

Prevost, William, of Newcastle and London Jan-10 p37

Prime, Andrew, of London Mar-10 p15

Pulleys for longcase clocks Sep-10 p31

Pyne, Nathaniel Jun-10 p42




Quare, Daniel May-10 p30, Jun-10 p9, Aug-10 p41

Quelch, John, of Oxford Oct-10 p11

Quelch, Joseph, of Oxford Oct-10 p12

Quelch, Martin, of Oxford Oct-10 p12

Quelch, Richard, of Oxford Oct-10 p12




Raillard, Claude, of Paris May-10 p46

Raingo Freres Mar-10 p25

Read, London Jul-10 p41

Reason Manufacturing Co Aug-10 p42

Reeve, Claude B Jan-10 p6

Reeve, William, of Spalding Sep-10 p11

Reeves, Martin G, of Dewsbury, Yorkshire Jun-10 p37

Reid of Ball Alley, Lombard St, London Jul-10 p41

Rhodes, T E, of Kendal Jun-10 p46, Dec-10 p38

Richard, Thomas, of Brampton, Cumberland Oct-10 p26

Riefler, Clemens, of München Sep-10 p41

Rigby, James, of London Jan-10 p42

Ritchie, James, of Edinburgh Jun-10 p9, Aug-10 p42

Roberts, Samuel, of Llanfair Caereinion Aug-10 p15

Roberts, William, of Otley Aug-10 p15

Roberts, the family, of Bristol, Connecticut Jun-10 p36

Robin, Robert Sep-10 p41

Rogers, John, of Strand, London Aug-10 p45

Rolex Jul-10 p44

Roll, Robert, of King’s Lynn May-10 p14

Ropes for longcase clocks Sep-10 p31

Rosse Dec-10 p37

Roullet & Decamps Jun-10 p43

Russell, Thomas & Son, of Liverpool Nov-10 p19




Sadler, Robert, of London Jan-10 p43

Saxby, G W, of King St, Margate May-10 p45

Schatz Jul-10 p26

Schlenker, E R Dec-10 p18

Schofield, Major, of Manchester Jun-10 p45, Nov-10 p6

Schutz Mar-10 p44

Schwerer, the family, of York Mar-10 p20, May-10 p39

Seddon, John, of Frodsham May-10 p26

Seddon, Daniel, of Frodsham May-10 p26

Seddon, James, of Cripplegate, London Nov-10 p11

Seddon, Nathaniel, of London Nov-10 p11

Seller Aug-10 p45

Sessions Clock Company Jul-10 p19

Sheldrake, William, of Norwich Mar-10 p19

Shepherd, Thomas, of Wotton under Edge Aug-10 p13

Shoolbred & Co of London Jun-10 p42

Simpson, Anthony, of Cockermouth Oct-10 p47

Simpson, John, of London Sep-10 p43

Smeaton, John May-10 p15

Smith, David, of Pittenweem Oct-10 p38

Smith, Edward, of Dublin Jun-10 p7

Smith, Edmund, of King’s Lynn May-10 p14

Smith, Gabriel, of Barthomley and Nantwich May-10 p27

Smith, John May-10 p11

Smith, John, in Ram Alley, London Mar-10 p16

Smith, John, of Leith Oct-10 p38

Smith, John, of Pittenweem Sep-10 p26, Oct-10 p37

Smiths Jan-10 p6, Feb-10 p6

Smith, S, & Son Aug-10 p41

Smith & Sons of Clerkenwell Feb-10 p44

Smyt, Jhone May-10 p11

Snuggs, Charles, of Farnham Aug-10 p13

Speakman, William, of London Mar-10 p16, Jul-10 p41

Stamper, Francis, of London May-10 p14

Stanton, Edward Aug-10 p44

Stephens, Richard, of Bridgenorth Aug-10 p13

Stevens, Joseph, of Pittenweem Oct-10 p38

Stockall & Marples Jun-10 p38

Stockall & Sons of Manchester and London Jun-10 p38

Stokes, John & Son, of Bewdley Jun-10 p11

Stokes, Stephen, of Smithfield, London Jun-10 p13

Stokes, the family, of Stourbridge Jun-10 p11

Stripling, the family, of Barwell and Lichfield Apr-10 p11

Strutt, William, of Derby Oct-10 p7

Synchronome Feb-10 p43




Tameside of Oldham Jan-10 p6

T E & Co Ltd of London Feb-10 p46

Terry, Eli, of Plymouth, Connecticut Jun-10 p36

Thiout l’Ainé Aug-10 p33

Thoma, Hans Sep-10 p23

Thomas, Seth Jul-10 p19

Thwaites & Reed Apr-10 p46

Tompion, Thomas Jan-10 p41, Feb-10 p41, May-10 p30, Aug-10 p41, Sep-10 p42, Oct-10 p6, Nov-10 p9

Tompion & Banger Feb-10 p41

Tregent, James Mar-10 p41

Tue, Thomas, of King’s Lynn May-10 p13

Tuncliffe, John Jun-10 p42




Upjohn, Edward Jun-10 p11




Vallet Mar-10 p39

Vallin, Nicholas, of London Jan-10 p41

Verdier, Paris Feb-10 p43

Vereinigte Frieburger Uhrenfabriken incl Vormals Gustav Becker, see ‘Becker, Gustav’

Verow, John, of Barton-in-the-Beans Mar-10 p29

Vichy Jun-10 p43

Vulliamy Feb-10 p41

Vulliamy, Benjamin Louis Apr-10 p42



Wain, William, of Burslem Oct-10 p43

Walker, John, of London Jan-10 p45, Jun-10 p38

Walker, John, of Cornhill and Regent St, London Oct-10 p45

Walker, John, of South Molton St, London Aug-10 p45

Walter, Edmund, of Witney, Oxfordshire May-10 p39

Waltham Mar-10 p7

Warner, John, of Draycott and Chipping Camden Jan-10 p14

Warr, Robert, of London Aug-10 p45

Waterbury Jun-10 p19, Jul-10 p19

Watsons, the family, of Blackburn and Haslingden Feb-10 p11

Webb of Watlington Feb-10 p7

Webster of London Mar-10 p44

Wehrle & Sons of Cambridge Oct-10 p43

Welch, Elisha Niles, of Forestville, Connecticut Jul-10 p19

Welch, Spring & Company Jul-10 p19

Werner Dec-10 p18

Westclox Jan-10 p21

Westmore of Ventnor Feb-10 p46

Wheatley, William, of London Jun-10 p41

Whitehurst, John, of Derby Oct-10 p7, Nov-10 p42

Willard, Simon, of Boston Jun-10 p36

Wilson, John, of Nuneaton Mar-10 p27

Wilson, Thomas, of Londonderry Feb-10 p15

Windmills Feb-10 p41, Sep-10 p12

Wise, Luke Dec-10 p38

Wise, Stanley Dec-10 p7

Wood, George, of Nailsworth Aug-10 p13

Worgan of Bristol Dec-10 p37

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