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Index | Volume 32 | 2009

This Index is in two sections. The ‘General Horology Index’ is an alphabetical list of topics covered. The ‘Maker Index’ lists clock and watch makers with details of the magazine(s) in which they have appeared. We hold extensive stocks of back issues and you can use the ‘Buy a back issue’ button to check availability and buy.



Alarm clocks Feb-09 p15, May-09 p13

American clocks Feb-09 p23, Feb-09 p26, Mar-09 p26, Mar-09 p29, Apr-09 p19, Apr-09 p29, May-09 p18, May-09 p31, Jun-09 p31, Jun-09 p41, Jul-09 p31, Aug-09 p35, Sep-09 p21, Sep-09 p29, Oct-09 p35, Nov-09 p33

Anglo-American clock Oct-09 p23, Dec-09 p17

Anniversary clock Jul-09 p13

Auctions containing clocks Jan-09 p41, Feb-09 p41, Mar-09 p41, Apr-09 p41, May-09 p41, Jun-09 p41, Jul-09 p41, Aug-09 p41, Sep-09 p41, Oct-09 p41, Nov-09 p7, Nov-09 p41, Dec-09 p37

Auctions, buying longcase clocks at Nov-09 p11, Dec-09 p11

Austrian clocks Dec-09 p26

Automaton pendulums, see ‘Pendulums, automaton’

Awards to horologists Feb-09 p7, Jun-09 p8





Banjo clocks Apr-09 p29

Beat amplifier Dec-09 p10

Bedale, clockmakers of Mar-09 p5

Biedermeier clocks Dec-09 p26

Big Ben, competition & 150th anniversary Mar-09 p7, Jun-09 p7, Aug-09 p7, Sep-09 p7

Black Forest Clocks, see ‘German clocks’

Books about horology Jan-09 p13, Feb-09 p14, Mar-09 p5, Mar-09 p12, Apr-09 p8, May-09 p20, Jun-09 p23, Aug-09 p19, Aug-09 p20, Sep-09 p22, Oct-09 p15, Dec-09 p17

British Horological Institute charity auction Oct-09 p9

Burns, Robert, horological connection Sep-09 p15, Oct-09 p6

Bushing machines Feb-09 p6





Calibre 89 watch Dec-09 p10

Carriage clocks, cleaning of Jan-09 p8

Case, making a new one for a clock Jan-09 p15, Jul-09 p26

CD ‘Scottish Horologists’ Jul-09 p12

Centre distance measurement Jul-09 p24

Cleaning clocks Jan-09 p8, Apr-09 p5

Clepsydra in Beijing May-09 p26

Clock clubs Feb-09 p5

Clockmakers Company, see ‘Worshipful Company of Clockmakers’

Colleges running clock courses Jan-09 p7

Comtoise clocks Mar-09 p35, Jul-09 p19

Conical pendulums Apr-09 p35

Countwheel movement, repair of Feb-09 p19, Mar-09 p21, Apr-09 p23, May-09 p21, Jun-09 p13, Jul-09 p37, Aug-09 p21, Sep-09 p37

Courses for clock restoration Nov-09 p9

Cuckoo clocks Nov-09 p23





Dating clocks Nov-09 p17

Designing and making clocks Jan-09 p24, Feb-09 p24, Mar-09 p24, Apr-09 p20, Apr-09 p35, May-09 p24, Jun-09 p17, Jun-09 p24, Jul-09 p24, Aug-09 p24, Sep-09 p24, Oct-09 p24, Nov-09 p24, Dec-09 p24

Dial clocks Jan-09 p5, Oct-09 p29

Dials, white Jan-09 p33, Feb-09 p33, Jun-09 p5, Jun-09 p39

Dial, unusual brass Jun-09 p5

Dom Gong Mar-09 p6

Drills,  Eureka Nov-09 p10





Exhibitions containing clocks Apr-09 p7, Jul-09 p7, Sep-09 p9, Oct-09 p9





Federal style Apr-09 p19

Feet, ogee, for longcase clocks Jul-09 p8

Firth, David, interview with Sep-09 p23

Four-hundred day clock, see ‘Anniversary clock’

Franco-German clock Oct-09 p29

French clocks Mar-09 p35, Apr-09 p35, Jun-09 p26, Jul-09 p19

Funtington Chapel Nov-09 p9





German clocks Apr-09 p35, May-09 p13, Jul-09 p40, Aug-09 p20, Sep-09 p21

Girandole clocks Apr-09 p29

Golden rules of clock repair, twelve Nov-09 p6





Hammer springs May-09 p5

Hands, replica Sep-09 p10

Highland Mary’ dial Aug-09 p26, Oct-09 p6

Horse, see ‘Test stand for clock movement’





Lacquered case Jul-09 p26

Lantern clocks Feb-09 p9, Mar-09 p9, Apr-09 p9, May-09 p9, Jun-09 p9, Jul-09 p9, Aug-09 p9, Nov-09 p26, Dec-09 p31

Longcase clocks Jan-09 p26, Jan-09 p33, Feb-09 p33, Mar-09 p13, Apr-09 p5, Apr-09 p25, May-09 p18, Jul-09 p5, Jul-09 p19, Jul-09 p26, Aug-09 p5, Aug-09 p25, Oct-09 p6, Oct-09 p26, Nov-09 p7, Nov-09 p11, Dec-09 p11, Dec-09 p17

Loomes, Brian, interview with Oct-09 p21

Lyre clocks Apr-09 p32





Mainsprings, calculating size of Jan-09 p24, Feb-09 p24

Mainspring winder, review of Feb-09 p37

Making clocks Mar-09 p17, Apr-09 p8

Marble cases, repair of May-09 p7

Marriage of movement and case Oct-09 p23, Oct-09 p29

Meccano clocks Jan-09 p5

Movements, wooden Sep-09 p21

Movement container (for Waltham watch) Sep-09 p26

Museums and other places with clock exhibitions Jan-09 p7, Jan-09 p26

Musical clock Apr-09 p8





Napoleon hat clocks Jan-09 p50

Nightwatchman’s clock Sep-09 p6, Dec-09 p6

Novelty clocks Apr-09 p7, Apr-09 p35






Packing and shipping clocks Aug-09 p13

Palimpsest, horological Sep-09 p11, Oct-09 p11

Part jobs Apr-09 p50

Pendulums, automaton Mar-09 p35

Pendulums for portico clocks Feb-09 p7

Pinions, replacing of Aug-09 p24

Pivots, renewal of Oct-09 p17

Poetry, horological Apr-09 p6, Sep-09 p7

Potts, Ian, interview with Nov-09 p21




Rack teeth, cutting of Sep-09 p24

Rack striking, setting up Nov-09 p24

Red House Antiques Centre,  York Jan-09 p26

Reeve, Claude, musical clock Apr-09 p8, Jun-09 p17

Repair and restoration Jan-09 p33, Feb-09 p19, Mar-09 p21, Apr-09 p15, Apr-09 p23, May-09 p13, May-09 p21, May-09 p37, Jun-09 p13, Jun-09 p19, Jul-09 p19, Jul-09 p37, Aug-09 p21, Sep-09 p15, Sep-09 p37

Re-pivoting, see ‘Pivots, renewal of’





Shades for clocks Jun-09 p8

Sharpening tools, course on May-09 p7

Shipping clocks, see ‘Packing and shipping clocks’

Skeleton clock, rebuilding of Apr-09 p15, May-09 p37, Jun-09 p19, Sep-09 p6, Dec-09 p6

Sonora Chiming Clock Mar-09 p26

Square holes, forming of Dec-09 p24

Stokesley, clockmakers of Mar-09 p5

Striking clock with unusual features Feb-09 p5, Mar-09 p5

Suffolk wonder, the Jan-09 p9





Tarnishing fluid, product review Mar-09 p7

Test stand for clock movement Jul-09 p7

Tools for clockmakers Dec-09 p9

Trademarks Nov-09 p17

Turret clock, movement of Mar-09 p17

Turret clocks Jun-09 p26, Aug-09 p5





Wartime clocks Jan-09 p19, Feb-09 p15

Watch, The English, book review Mar-09 p12

Watches, pocket, cleaning of Jan-09 p27

Watch stand Nov-09 p6

Water clock, see ‘Clepsydra’

White dial clock, repair of Jan-09 p33, Feb-09 p33

Wild, J M, interview with Dec-09 p36

Wooden nutmegs and cucumber seeds Sep-09 p31

Worshipful Company of Clockmakers Feb-09 p9





Yorkshire clocks Jan-09 p26









Adamson, Stephen, of Tadcaster Jan-09 p27

Agar, John, of York Jan-09 p28

Anderton & Son of Dayton,  Ohio Jul-09 p14

Ames, Richard Feb-09 p11

Andrews, Richard Apr-09 p12

Ansonia Clock Co Nov-09 p33

Archer, Walter, of Stow-on-the-Wold Jun-09 p11

Arnold of London Feb-09 p43

Arnold & Dent of London Jun-09 p45

Atkins & Downs Jul-09 p31

Atkins, Whiting & Co Feb-09 p29

Austin, John, of Watford Oct-09 p44

Ayers, Henry Feb-09 p13

Aylward, John, of New Brentford, Middlesex, and Guildford Aug-09 p9





Baird Clock Co Aug-09 p44

Baker, Henry Feb-09 p45

Balthazar of Paris May-09 p41

Bardin Mar-09 p43

Barkley & Colley of London Aug-09 p43

Barnes, Barthelomew & Co Jul-09 p35

Bartley of Bristol Mar-09 p45

Barwise of Cockermouth,  Cumbria Feb-09 p44

Batterson, James, of Boston Feb-09 p27, Apr-09 p29

Batterson, Robert, of London Apr-09 p29

Bauer, Carl Mar-09 p43

Beale, Robert Jan-09 p9

Becker, Gustav, of Silesia Jun-09 p42, Oct-09 p32

Bechtel, J B & Co Jul-09 p14

Beekman, Daniel Apr-09 p11

Benbow, Thomas, of Northwood,  Shropshire Oct-09 p41

Bennett, John, of Plymouth Jun-09 p11

Bennett, Sir John, of Cheapside,  London Feb-09 p45

Benson, J W, of Ludgate Hill,  London Aug-09 p42

Benson, John, of Whitehaven and Belfast Dec-09 p39

Bentley, Percival Arthur, of Leicester Nov-09 p45

Bernaux, Bte, of Paris Apr-09 p35

Beveridge, Robert, of Newarthill Oct-09 p6

Birch & Gaydon of Fenchurch St,  London Jul-09 p41

Birge & Ives Jul-09 p35

Birge, Gilbert & Co Jul-09 p35

Birge, John, of Bristol Jul-09 p34

Birge & Fuller Feb-09 p29, Sep-09 p32

Bithray, Stephen, of London May-09 p45

Blakeborough, Henry, of Burnley Sep-09 p34

Boekels, Jan Janssee, of The Hague Nov-09 p41

Bosch, Gebhard, of Germany Apr-09 p35

Boston Clock Company Jun-09 p44

Bosworth of Nottingham Apr-09 p44

Bouquet, David Feb-09 p13

Bowler & Burdick of Cleveland,  Ohio Jul-09 p14

Bowyer, William Feb-09 p13, Oct-09 p14

Breguet Aug-09 p43

Brewster & Ingrahams Feb-09 p18, Sep-09 p30

Brewster, E C & Co Sep-09 p30

Brewster, Elisha C, of Bristol, Connecticut Jul-09 p35, Sep-09 p29

Brewster Manufacturing Co Sep-09 p31

Briggs, John C, of Concord, New Hampshire Apr-09 p35

Briscall, James May-09 p46

Bristol Clock Co Sep-09 p33

British United Clock Co Jan-09 p20

Brittain, Boaz Apr-09 p12

Broadhead, Benjamin Apr-09 p12

Brockles, Thomas Apr-09 p12

Brown, Andrew, of Edinburgh Nov-09 p30, Dec-09 p33

Brown, John, of Machline (Mauchline) Sep-09 p15

Brown, Nathaniel, of Manchester Apr-09 p5

Buckel, John Apr-09 p12

Buckner, Philip Feb-09 p11

Buel Pritchard and Joel Holden Aug-09 p40

Bullock of Bath Sep-09 p43

Bullock, Christopher, of Botesdale,  Suffolk Jan-09 p9

Bullock, Richard, of Ellesmere Aug-09 p5

Burnap, Daniel Feb-09 p28





Camerden & Forster of New York May-09 p42

Campbell, Hugh Dec-09 p32

Cartier Apr-09 p45, Dec-09 p40

Cattle, John Mar-09 p13

Chapman of Watford Oct-09 p46

Charles, J Nov-09 p45

Chater & Sons Nov-09 p7

Cheney, Benjamin, of East Hartford,  Connecticut Apr-09 p29

Child, Richard Feb-09 p13

Churchill, L M, of Hamburg,  South Carolina Aug-09 p36

Clanfield (or Cranfield), Henry Apr-09 p12

Clark, Heman Feb-09 p30, Jul-09 p35

Clark, Humphrey Feb-09 p11

Clark, Sylvester Jul-09 p35

Closon, Peter, of London Feb-09 p9, Apr-09 p9, Sep-09 p13

Clowes, John, of London Sep-09 p43

Coe, William, of Cambridge Jun-09 p41

Coles, John Apr-09 p12

Comyns, William Jan-09 p41

Connell of Cheapside May-09 p43

Cooper, Hugh Feb-09 p11

Cooper, Joseph, of Malpas Nov-09 p46

Cooper, J, of Broad Street,  London Oct-09 p41

Cosby, Robert Feb-09 p11

Cotsworth, John, of London Dec-09 p39

Couet, Maurice Jul-09 p45, Dec-09 p40

Coulston, William, of Edinburgh Nov-09 p30

Cox family of Taunton,  Somerset Jun-09 p5

Coxeter, Nicholas, of London Sep-09 p13, Oct-09 p11

Curtis, Joseph (Josh), of Chew Magna Jun-09 p9

Curtis, Lemuel Apr-09 p32

Curtis, Samuel Mar-09 p33

Curtis, William, of Axbridge Jun-09 p9





Dann, J B, of Greenwich,  London Oct-09 p43

Davies, John, of London Nov-09 p41

Dawson, John Apr-09 p10

Deacon, Samuel Apr-09 p25

DeCharmes, Simon, of London Nov-09 p42

De Gruyter Clock Manufacuring Co Jul-09 p13

Delacourt, Bartholomew, of Beverley May-09 p45

Delander, Daniel May-09 p46

Delander, Nathaniel Jul-09 p41

Dellavos, Johan, of Prague Aug-09 p46

Dent Nov-09 p43

Dent a Paris Apr-09 p43

Dixon of Hexham Jul-09 p5

Donisthorpe, Joseph, of Loughborough Apr-09 p25

Douglas, W H, of Stourbridge Mar-09 p44

Douglas, Walter, of Muirkirk Apr-09 p6

Downs, Ephraim Jul-09 p32

Drew & Sons,  Piccadilly Circus Jan-09 p41

Drocourt,  Pierre & Alfred Sep-09 p45

Du Chesne, Claude, of London Apr-09 p12, Nov-09 p42

Dumville, John, of Alderley Nov-09 p44

Dunbar, Edward L Sep-09 p34

Dunn, Henry Feb-09 p13

Dutertre, Jean Baptiste, of Paris Feb-09 p42

Dutton, see ‘Mudge & Dutton’

Dyan, Joseph, of London Nov-09 p46





East, Edward Sep-09 p41

Edington, E, of London May-09 p45

Edington, W, of London Jun-09 p45

Elgin International Watch Co Mar-09 p44

Ellicott, Joseph, of Buckingham,  Pennsylvania Mar-09 p30

Emanuel of The Hard, Portsea Oct-09 p42

Estwick, Thomas, of London Jan-09 p43

Etherington, George, of London Mar-09 p45

European Watch Co Dec-09 p40

Ewbank, William, of Elland Jan-09 p28





Falk, Marcus, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne Jul-09 p41

Farcot Apr-09 p35

Farr, Thomas, of Bristol Sep-09 p44

Fearns, Alexander, of 90 Mitchell Street,  Glasgow Oct-09 p43

Fenkman, William Feb-09 p11

Field, Thomas, of Bath Sep-09 p45

Flather, William, of Halifax Jan-09 p29

Fletcher, John, of Ripponden Jan-09 p28

Fleutry, Toussaints, of Paris Sep-09 p11

Foreman, Francis Feb-09 p12

Forrestville Manufacturing Co Jul-09 p35

Foucanote, Nicholas, of Edinburgh Dec-09 p32

Fox, Isaac, of London Jun-09 p41

Frodsham, J, of Gracechurch St,  London Jul-09 p43, Sep-09 p43

Frodsham, Charles Jun-09 p43, Dec-09 p40

Fromanteel, Ahasuerus Jan-09 p44, Feb-09 p12, Mar-09 p10, Apr-09 p9

Frost, John May-09 p9

Fuller, Thomas Sep-09 p34





Gainsborough, John, of Beccles Mar-09 p11

Gatty, James, of London Aug-09 p45

Gerard, Benoist, of Paris Feb-09 p42

Gibson of Belfast Dec-09 p41

Gilbert, Grant & Co Aug-09 p37, Sep-09 p32

Gilbert, William L Feb-09 p27, Sep-09 p32, Nov-09 p36

Gilpin, Edmund, of London Mar-09 p10

Gilson, John Feb-09 p13

Goode, Charles, of London Feb-09 p41

Gould, Christopher, of London Apr-09 p41, May-09 p44

Gordon, Thomas, John and Patrick, of Edinburgh Nov-09 p30

Gould, Christopher, of London Dec-09 p39

Graham, George, of London Feb-09 p41

Grant, Richard, of London Jan-09 p42

Grant, Zelotis Sep-09 p32

Gravell & Tolkien of London Apr-09 p43

Greaves, John, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne Sep-09 p14

Gregg, Francis, of London Sep-09 p42

Grignion, Thomas May-09 p44

Grivolas, Claude Jul-09 p13

Gurney, Ezekiel Apr-09 p12





HAC, see ‘Hamburg-Amerikanische Uhrenfabrik'

Haas, Philip Söhne Oct-09 p32, Nov-09 p17

Haley, Charles, of London Jan-09 p44

Hall, James Richardson, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne Oct-09 p26

Hally, Thomas, of London Oct-09 p42

Hamburg-Amerikanische Uhrenfabrik Nov-09 p18

Harder, Anton Jul-09 p13

Harland, Thomas, of Norwich,  Connecticut Feb-09 p28

Harley,  London Jan-09 p42

Harrison of Ormskirk Mar-09 p45

Harrison, James and Lemuel May-09 p31

Harrison, John, of USA May-09 p31

Harrison, John, of London Jun-09 p45

Harvey, John Feb-09 p13

Harvey, Robert Feb-09 p13

Harvey, Thomas Feb-09 p13

Hassenius, James Apr-09 p12

Haughtin, Richard May-09 p44

Hawkins, Thomas, of London Jun-09 p43

Haworth, R, of Liverpool Jan-09 p45

Hayley & Milner of London Aug-09 p46

Head, James, of Evesham Sep-09 p12

Henderson, Robert, of Scarborough Jan-09 p28

Herbert, Emile Oct-09 p42

Herbert, John, of Isleworth Oct-09 p13

Higgs, Robert, of London Apr-09 p44

Hipkiss, P Mar-09 p42

Hipp, Matthaus, of Newchâtel Nov-09 p44

Hoadley, Samuel & Luther May-09 p33

Hoadley, Simon May-09 p31

Hodges, John, of Clements Lane, London Mar-09 p41

Hodges, Nathaniel, of London Feb-09 p41

Holland, Joshuah, of London Feb-09 p44

Holloway, W, of London Aug-09 p42

Holloway, William, of Stroud Jun-09 p11

Honorables, Messrs, of Paris and London Feb-09 p45

Hopkins,  Orange, of Litchfield,  Connecticut May-09 p36

Howard, Edward, of Kirby Street,  London Aug-09 p42

Howard, Henry, of London Aug-09 p42

Howell & James,  Regent Street Jan-09 p41, Apr-09 p43

Howse, Thomas Feb-09 p13

Huger Oct-09 p7

Hughes of London Oct-09 p43

Hutchenson, Thomas, of Leeds Jan-09 p28

Huygens, Christian Apr-09 p35





Ingraham, E & A & Co Sep-09 p31, Oct-09 p40

Ingraham, Elias Jul-09 p33, Sep-09 p30

Ireland, Francis Apr-09 p12

Ives, C & L C Jul-09 p35

Ives, Joseph Shaylor, of Connecticut Feb-09 p23, Feb-09 p26, Jul-09 p34, Sep-09 p29





Jacobs, Lorenzo D Sep-09 p34

Jaeger LeCoultre Jul-09 p41, Sep-09 p45

Jahresuhrenfabrik (August Schatz) Jul-09 p31

Japy Jan-09 p15, Aug-09 p46, Dec-09 p37

Jerome & Co of Liverpool Sep-09 p34, Oct-09 p37

Jerome, Chauncey, of New Haven,  Connecticut Feb-09 p28, Jun-09 p36, Jul-09 p32, Jul-09 p36, Aug-09 p35, Sep-09 p32, Nov-09 p33

Jerome, Darrow & Co Jul-09 p32, Aug-09 p35

Jerome, John, of London Nov-09 p46

Jerome, Noble Feb-09 p30, Jul-09 p36, Aug-09 p35, Sep-09 p32

Jerome, Thomson & Co Aug-09 p35

Jeromes & Darrow Aug-09 p35

Johansen Oct-09 p46

Johnson, R, of Ripon Jan-09 p29

Johnson, W, of Threadneedle St Jan-09 p44

Jones of Abingdon Oct-09 p14

Jones, William, of Philadelphia Mar-09 p33

Joseph Davis & Co of London Aug-09 p44

Jullard, E, of Porrentruy Jul-09 p16

Junghans of Schramberg Jan-09 p20, Apr-09 p35, May-09 p13, Aug-09 p20, Oct-09 p32





Kay, David, of Crail Dec-09 p32

Ketterer, J C, of Ware Aug-09 p43

Khazam, E R, of Bagdad Oct-09 p43

Kieninger & Obergfell Nov-09 p19

Kippax, Edward, of Edinburgh Nov-09 p29

Kirk, Charles Jul-09 p32, Sep-09 p29

Knibb, John, of Oxford Oct-09 p14, Nov-09 p42

Knibb, Joseph Feb-09 p10, Feb-09 p41, Mar-09 p41, May-09 p42, Sep-09 p41, Dec-09 p41

Knifton, Thomas, of London Sep-09 p13, Oct-09 p11

Knight, Thomas, of Bristo Jun-09 p44

Knox, Archibald Mar-09 p42, Apr-09 p43

Kuehl Co, George Jul-09 p14





Lange, Christian, of London Jul-09 p41

Latch, William, of Newport Oct-09 p42

Lawrence, Ishmael, of North Curry, near Taunton Jun-09 p6

Leavenworth, Mark May-09 p33

Leavenworth, William May-09 p33

Lenzkirch Oct-09 p32

Lepaute Jun-09 p41

Liberty & Co of London Apr-09 p43

Lightbody, the family, of Lanark Mar-09 p13

Lilley & Son Oct-09 p46

Linaker, Samuel Feb-09 p13

Lindley, Thomas, of Leicester Apr-09 p27

Lindsay, John, of Nayland Jul-09 p9

Lister, Thomas, of Halifax Jan-09 p27

London, John, of Bristol May-09 p45

Lord, Richard Oct-09 p13

Lowe, Robert, of Preston Feb-09 p45

Lowery, Morgan, of Leeds Jan-09 p28

L P Japy & Cie Aug-09 p45

Lunan, Charles, of Aberdeen May-09 p42

Lynam, John, of Leicester Apr-09 p35





Manley, Caleb Mar-09 p11

Manley, Cornelius, of Norwich Mar-09 p9

Manley, Daniel, of Yarmouth Mar-09 p10

Manley, John, of Bury St Edmunds Mar-09 p10

Maple of London Jan-09 p42

Marchand & Sandoz Aug-09 p43

Margaine Jan-09 p41, Nov-09 p45

Marsh, Humphrey, of Highworth Oct-09 p13

Marshall, E, of London Jan-09 p43

Marti, Samuel et Cie Jan-09 p15, Sep-09 p45, Oct-09 p29

Martin, T, of Regent Street,  London Sep-09 p45

Martin, William, of Bristol Jun-09 p11

Mauthe Jan-09 p20

McCabe, James, of London Jul-09 p43

Mercers of St Albans Oct-09 p46

Merrilies, Charles, of London Jan-09 p42

Michel, James, of London Feb-09 p41

Miles, of Ludgate Street,  London Oct-09 p41

Milles, Richard, of Edinburgh Nov-09 p26, Dec-09 p31

Milles, Thomas Feb-09 p11

Mills, Humphry, of Edinburgh Nov-09 p26, Dec-09 p31

Milward of Brook Street,  Hanover Square Oct-09 p44

Minott, John May-09 p18

Mitchell, George, of Bristol,  Connecticut Jul-09 p33, Aug-09 p35

Molyneux of London Apr-09 p43

Monk, William, of Berwick St John Jun-09 p11

Moore, John & Sons, of Clerkenwell,  London Sep-09 p46

Moore, P & Co Sep-09 p42

Morris, John, of Hartford,  Middletown and Norwich,  Connecticut Apr-09 p29

Morton, Ralph Apr-09 p12

Mountfort, Zachariah Apr-09 p12

Mourey, P H Nov-09 p44

Mudge & Dutton Jan-09 p5, Apr-09 p42

Muston, George, of Bristol Aug-09 p45

Mylne, George, of Edinburgh Nov-09 p30





Negretti & Zambra Mar-09 p44

Nelson of London Aug-09 p42

New Haven Clock Co of New Haven, Connecticut Aug-09 p36, Oct-09 p37

Newby, James & William, of Kendall Sep-09 p43

Nicolason, Mats, of London Jun-09 p41

Nicole Frères of Geneva Oct-09 p41

Nolen, Spencer, of Boston Mar-09 p33

Norris & Campbell of Liverpool Oct-09 p41

Norris, Joseph, of Amsterdam Jan-09 p44

Norweb, Robert, of Wetherby, Selby, Brigg and Wraby Jan-09 p9





Ogden Jan-09 p27

Orton, Edward Jan-09 p9

Osborne & Wilson Apr-09 p25, Jun-09 p5





Pannell, Hugh, of Northallerton Jan-09 p8, Jan-09 p28

Parkinson, Robert, of Lancaster Feb-09 p44

Patek Philippe Aug-09 p43, Dec-09 p10

Pearson, Samuel, of Halifax Jan-09 p28

Peniman, John Ritto, of Boston Mar-09 p32

Pennock, John Feb-09 p13

Peters, James, of Cambridge Jun-09 p46

Pettit, William (Guillaume), of London Feb-09 p9

Pickle, William, of Newcastle Sep-09 p45

Pike, Thomas, of Bridgwater, Somerset Jun-09 p5

Pilkington & Gibbs Ltd of Preston May-09 p41

Piolaine a Paris Apr-09 p45

Pistor Mar-09 p44

Planner, Thomas, of London Dec-09 p17

Player, Simon Apr-09 p12

Pocock, Richard, of Hawkley Jan-09 p33

Prevost, William, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne Oct-09 p13

Pridgin, William, of York Aug-09 p41

Prime, Andrew, of London Apr-09 p9

Prior, George, of London Dec-09 p39

Pritchard & Holden Aug-09 p40

Promoli & Hausbourg Sep-09 p45





Quare, Daniel, of London Feb-09 p43, Jun-09 p45





Radford, Thomas, of Leeds Sep-09 p14, Oct-09 p14

Raguel of Paris Jul-09 p41

Raingo Frères of Paris Jul-09 p44, Dec-09 p41

Ram, Edwin, of Hull Nov-09 p46

Ramsay, David, of London Feb-09 p9

Ray & Ingraham Sep-09 p31

Read & Watson May-09 p34

Redier, Antoinne Apr-09 p35

Reeve, William, of Spalding Oct-09 p13

Revere, Paul Mar-09 p31, May-09 p18

Rich, Andrew, of Bridgwater May-09 p43

Riddell & Co of Belfast Sep-09 p45

Rippon, Ralph, of Bishop Auckland, Durham Feb-09 p44

Risbridger, John, of Brentford Aug-09 p13

Risbridger, John, of Dorking Aug-09 p11

Risbridger, William, of Dorking Aug-09 p11

Roberts, Gideon, of Bristol, Connecticut May-09 p33

Roberts, Joseph, of Otley Jan-09 p28

Robertson, William, of Edinburgh Aug-09 p45

Roland, T, of Caersws Oct-09 p41

Rolex Aug-09 p43

Rollin à Paris Dec-09 p37

Romieu, Paul, of Edinburgh Dec-09 p32

Romieu, Paul junior, of Edinburgh Dec-09 p33

Roskell, Robert, of Liverpool Sep-09 p43





Sanderson, John, of Wigton Sep-09 p12, Oct-09 p14

Saunders, J R, of Warminster Apr-09 p43

Sauvigny, Didelot Jun-09 p41

Sawin & Dyar of Boston, Massachusetts Apr-09 p33

Schatz, August, see ‘Jahresuhrenfabrik’

Schutz, Peter, of York, Pennsylvania Mar-09 p31

Selwood, John, of Abingdon Apr-09 p5

Selwood, William, of London Sep-09 p13

Senex, John Mar-09 p42

Sessions, see ‘Welch, E N Manufacturing Co’

Sewill, Joseph, of Liverpool Oct-09 p46

Shaw, William, of Diss May-09 p11

Shephard of Sheffield Sep-09 p7

Shepherd, Charles Sep-09 p43

Shuckforth, Benjamin, of Diss May-09 p9, Jul-09 p5, Sep-09 p14

Shuckforth, John, of Diss May-09 p12

Simms, John, of Chipping Norton Oct-09 p42

Smith & Sons Jan-09 p41

Smith, Richard, of Bungay Feb-09 p11

Smiths of Clerkenwell Mar-09 p41

Smithyes, George, of Bedale Jul-09 p6

Smith, Joseph Aug-09 p44

Smyth, James, of Edinburgh Nov-09 p27, Dec-09 p32

Smyth, Robert, of Edinburgh Dec-09 p32

Smith, William, of Greenburn Aug-09 p26

Snow, William, of Padside Jan-09 p28

Speakman, the family, of London Apr-09 p9

Speakman, William Feb-09 p11

Spencer & Hotchkiss Jul-09 p35

Spencer, Wooster & Co Jul-09 p35

Sperry & Shaw of New York Aug-09 p37

Sperry, Henry Aug-09 p37

Stamper, Francis, of London Sep-09 p13, Oct-09 p13

Stancliffe, Joseph, of Barkisland Jan-09 p28

Standring, Jeremiah, of Bolton Feb-09 p45

Stanton, Edward, of London Oct-09 p11

Stennes, Elmer O, of Weymouth, Massachusetts Apr-09 p33

Stevens, Henry Feb-09 p10

Stonehouse, John, of Leeds Jan-09 p29

Streeter, E W Mar-09 p44

Stretch, Peter, of Leek, England, and Philadelphia, USA Feb-09 p27, Mar-09 p29

Swan, W Dorvel, of Margate Dec-09 p42

Sweby, John Apr-09 p12





Tarault-Legris of Paris Jun-09 p45

Taylor, John, of London Jul-09 p41

Terry, Eli, of Plymouth, Connecticut Feb-09 p26, May-09 p31, Jun-09 p31, Jul-09 p33, Aug-09 p35, Sep-09 p21

Terry, Henry Jul-09 p33

Terry, Silas B, of Connecticut Feb-09 p23, Sep-09 p34

Terry & Andrews Nov-09 p33

Thomas & Hoadley May-09 p32

Thomas, Seth, of Plymouth, Connecticut May-09 p31, Jun-09 p31, Aug-09 p37, Sep-09 p34, Oct-09 p35, Nov-09 p33

Thomas, Seth Clock Co Mar-09 p26, Oct-09 p35

Thristle, Joseph & William, of Stogursey Jun-09 p5

Thwaites & Grant of Fleet Street, London Aug-09 p45

Thwaites & Reed Mar-09 p44, Sep-09 p46

Thwaites of London May-09 p5

Thwaites, John, of Clerkenwell, London Jun-09 p41

Tomlins, Nicholas Feb-09 p10, Apr-09 p9

Tompion, Thomas, of London Feb-09 p43, Mar-09 p41, Apr-09 p41, May-09 p44

Tregent, James, of London Jul-09 p43

Trow, Gilbert Apr-09 p12

Trowe, Thomas Apr-09 p12





Utting, Thomas, of Bungay and Beccles Mar-09 p11





Vacheron & Constantin Dec-09 p40

Valery of Paris Jun-09 p45

Van der Cloesen, Bernard, of The Hague Jun-09 p45

Vick, Philip Apr-09 p12

Vidion, John, of Faversham Jun-09 p45

Viger à Paris Dec-09 p37

Vincente Jan-09 p15, Aug-09 p46

Vonderheit, Joh Valentin, of Vienna Nov-09 p45

Vulliamy of Pall Mall, London Jan-09 p8, Feb-09 p41, May-09 p44, Dec-09 p37

Vulliamy, Benjamin & Lewis Sep-09 p41





Wagner, Jean Apr-09 p25

Walker, Edward, of London Jun-09 p45

Walker, Thomas, of Retford Dec-09 p40

Waltham Sep-09 p26

Warner, John, of Chipping Camden Oct-09 p13

Warner, Winthrop Sep-09 p34

Warwick, Thomas, of Birmingham Feb-09 p44

Waterbury Clock Co Nov-09 p35

Watson, Luman, of Cincinnati, Ohio Jul-09 p31

Watts, James Apr-09 p12

Welch, E N Manufacturing Co Nov-09 p37

Whitehead, Edward, of Wetherby Jan-09 p28

Whitehurst of Derby Dec-09 p40

Whitehurst, Jonathan, of Congleton Apr-09 p44

Whiting, Riley May-09 p33

Whitlock, Fred Nov-09 p43

Wightman, Thomas, of London May-09 p45

Willard, the family, of Massachusetts Apr-09 p29

Willard, Aaron Feb-09 p29, Mar-09 p33, May-09 p18

Willard, Simon, of Roxbury, Massachusetts Apr-09 p29, May-09 p18, May-09 p31

Williamson, Dom, of Cadiz Jan-09 p6

Williamson, Dove, of London Jan-09 p5

Williamson, Robert Jan-09 p5, Jan-09 p9

Willoughby, Benjamin, of London and Bristol May-09 p42

Winrow, William, of London Jun-09 p43

Winterhalder & Hoffmeier Jan-09 p41, Jan-09 p45, Mar-09 p45

Windmills, Joseph, of London Sep-09 p41, Oct-09 p13

Wise, John Feb-09 p10

Woodham, Samuel, of Richmond May-09 p43

Woodley, William, of Kington (Kineton) Sep-09 p13

Worthington of London Nov-09 p46

Wreghitt, John, of Patterington Jan-09 p28

Wright, James, of Hertford College, Oxford Sep-09 p42





Zappa, Charles Sep-09 p45

Zenith Jan-09 p45

Zimmerman, A & J, of Birmingham Mar-09 p44


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