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Index | Volume 31 | 2008


This Index is in two sections. The 'General Horology Index' is an alphabetical list of topics covered. The 'Clockmaker Index' lists clock and watch makers with details of the magazine(s) in which they have appeared. We hold extensive stocks of back issues and you can use the 'Buy a back issue; button to check availability and buy.



Alarm clocks Dec-08 p26
Anglo-American clocks Apr-08 p5
Arbors, cutting to length Oct-08 p7
Auctions containing clocks Jan-08 p41, Feb-08 p41, Mar-08 p41, Apr-08 p41, May-08 p41, Jun-08 p41, Jul-08 p41, Aug-08 p41, Sep-08 p26, Sep-08 p41, Oct-08 p41, Nov-08 p32, Nov-08 p41, Dec-08 p37
Automata May-08 p7, Sep-08 p7


Balance, floating Aug-08 p21
Barrel arbor, holding in lathe Aug-08 p7
Beat-setting tool Jul-08 p8
Beginner’s Guide to Clock Repair Jan-08 p39,Feb-08 p33, Mar-08 p31
Bell, replacing of Jun-08 p33 Blue moon Sep-08 p6 Brocot suspension adjustment Jan-08 p18

Black Forest clocks, see ‘German clocks’

Bobs, modifying Jul-08 p7

Books about horology Apr-08 p15, May-08 p14, Sep-08 p14, Nov-08 p14, Dec-08 p14

British Horological Institute Mar-08 p7, Jul-08 p7

Bushing Dec-08 p33





Calendar clocks May-08 p29, Oct-08 p6

Calendar, perpetual Oct-08 p6

Canadian clock museum Jan-08 p31

Carriage clock Oct-08 p19

Case, making of Sep-08 p15, Oct-08 p31

Case, repair of Apr-08 p37, May-08 p29, Jul-08 p33, Aug-08 p37, Sep-08 p19

Chains Feb-08 p7

Clock clubs Sep-08 p40

Clockmakers Company, see ‘Worshipful Company of Clockmakers’

Clock-watch Nov-08 p33

Congreve clock Jan-08 p43

Countwheel striking Mar-08 p27

Courses in horology Sep-08 p8

Cup-and-ring decoration Jan-08 p14





Designing and making clocks Jan-08 p24, Jan-08 p29, Feb-08 p24, Mar-08 p24, Apr-08 p24, May-08 p24, Jun-08 p24, Jul-08 p24, Aug-08 p24, Sep-08 p24, Oct-08 p24, Nov-08 p24, Dec-08 p24

Dial, painted Jul-08 p26, Oct-08 p26

Dial restoration Jul-08 p26

Dials, diamond Sep-08 p9

Dialmaker unknown Oct-08 p26

Dutch clocks Oct-08 p7





Egyptian influenced clocks Sep-08 p19

Electric clocks Mar-08 p34, Jul-08 p5, Jul-08 p19, Nov-08 p26

Empire clock May-08 p26

Exhibition of clocks Oct-08 p8





Faceplate, making of Sep-08 p24

Fault finding Feb-08 p33

Fly Jan-08 p6, Feb-08 p5

Flying pendulum clocks Oct-08 p37

French clocks Mar-08 p37, Apr-08 p30, Jun-08 p33, Jul-08 p33, Aug-08 p37, Sep-08 p19, Nov-08 p29





Gallery clock Jul-08 p5

Gathering pallet, making Jan-08 p29

German clocks Jan-08 p5, Apr-08 p17, Aug-08 p26, Nov-08 p37

Glossary, horological Jan-08 p39

Grandfather clocks, see ‘Longcase clocks’

Gun-dog clock Mar-08 p37, Apr-08 p37

Gut line retainers Jul-08 p8





Hands for clocks Apr-08 p8

Horological website Oct-08 p8

Horological puzzles Oct-08 p46





Ignatz’ clock Oct-08 p37

Italian clocks Apr-08 p26





Joining ropes, see ‘Splicing’





Keys, making of Sep-08 p13

Kinetic energy Jan-08 p6, Apr-08 p6

Kunstipaedia Dec-08 p8





Lantern clocks Feb-08 p9, Apr-08 p6, May-08 p9, Jun-08 p9, Jul-08 p9, Aug-08 p9, Nov-08 p5, Nov-08 p9, Dec-08 p9

Laterndluhr Sep-08 p15, Oct-08 p31

Lathe, Emco Unimat Jun-08 p8

Lathe, use of Sep-08 p24

Longcase clocks Jan-08 p9, Jan-08 p19, Jan-08 p33, Feb-08 p15, Feb-08 p26, Mar-08 p9, Mar-08 p17, Apr-08 p9, May-08 p15, Jun-08 p6, Jul-08 p37, Aug-08 p17, Nov-08 p19, Dec-08 p15, Dec-08 p32

Lubrication Feb-08 p6





Messages on clocks May-08 p6

Mainsprings Jan-08 p5, Jan-08 p7, May-08 p7, Jun-08 p7, Nov-08 p5

Mantel clocks Aug-08 p13, Aug-08 p21

Mark Twain’s views on clocks Sep-08 p31

Marquetry Jun-08 p37

Master clocks Mar-08 p34, Jul-08 p19, Nov-08 p26

Matchstick man casting mark May-08 p11

Matting dials May-08 p6

Message on clock Jan-08 p5

Micrometers, use of Nov-08 p15

Museums containing clocks Jan-08 p31, May-08 p7, Jun-08 p7, Oct-08 p7





National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors May-08 p35

Novelty clock May-08 p33





Oddfellows symbols on clock dial Jun-08 p6

Organ clock Feb-08 p5





Pallets Feb-08 p6

Pegs, replacing Oct-08 p8

Pendulum, swinging Apr-08 p30

Pigeon clocks Jun-08 p13, Jul-08 p15, Aug-08 p33, Sep-08 p35

Preventing shrinkage Mar-08 p7

Pocket watches Apr-08 p11, May-08 p21, Jun-08 p39, Jul-08 p31, Aug-08 p31, Sep-08 p33, Oct-08 p17, Nov-08 p33, Dec-08 p19

Portico clocks Nov-08 p29

Public clocks Apr-08 p26





Re-casing clocks Jun-08 p13

Red House Antiques, York Feb-08 p26

Regulator, Shortt                Jul-08 p5, Sep-08 p5

Reichs Colonial Clock Jun-08 p26

Repair and restoration Jan-08 p19, Jan-08 p33, Feb-08 p6, Feb-08 p15, Feb-08 p33, Feb-08 p35, Mar-08 p27, Apr-08 p17, Apr-08 p37, May-08 p37, Jun-08 p33, Dec-08 p26





Shellac, melting of Jul-08 p7

Ship’s clock Jun-08 p5, Sep-08 p5

Silvering Jan-08 p5, Feb-08 p5, Dec-08 p7

Slate cases, refinishing Nov-08 p8

Solder, soft, in clock repair Apr-08 p33

Splicing May-08 p5, Jun-08 p5, Sep-08 p5, Oct-08 p5

Staffordshire porcelain clocks Nov-08 p37

Stolen clocks Oct-08 p7

Storm glass, replacement fluid Jul-08 p8

Striking, rack Apr-08 p24, May-08 p24, Jun-08 p24, Jul-08 p24, Aug-08 p24, Oct-08 p24, Nov-08 p24, Dec-08 p24

Sundials Jan-08 p40, Feb-08 p32, Feb-08 p29, Mar-08 p32, May-08 p32, Jun-08 p5, Jun-08 p31, Jul-08 p30, Aug-08 p36, Sep-08 p32, Oct-08 p36, Nov-08 p35, Dec-08 p30





Tallcase clocks, see ‘Longcase clocks’

Teeth, replacing Aug-08 p13

Time recorder Dec-08 p5

Tools for clock repairers May-08 p8

Toulet Imperator Jun-08 p13, Jul-08 p15, Aug-08 p33, Sep-08 p35

Turkish market watches Jun-08 p21

Turret clocks, see ‘Public clocks’





Ultrasonic cleaning Apr-08 p7





Val Pesarina Apr-08 p26

Valuation of clocks and watches Jul-08 p37, Dec-08 p19

Vienna type clocks Sep-08 p15, Oct-08 p31





Watches Jan-08 p26, Jul-08 p38, Jul-08 p46

Wax for dials Nov-08 p7

West Dean College Aug-08 p7

Worshipful Company of Clockmakers Feb-08 p9

Wrigglework Jan-08 p9, Jun-08 p5





Zigzag dials Jan-08 p9, Feb-08 p5, Mar-08 p5, May-08 p6






Abraham of Liverpool Jun-08 p42

Adams, F B, of London Jan-08 p42

Adie & Son Feb-08 p29

Agar, John, of York Feb-08 p27

Ainsworth, George Feb-08 p28

Allam & Caithness of London Sep-08 p43

Anderson, S, of Williamstown Jul-08 p41

Anguille of Paris Aug-08 p43

Anthony, John, of Maidenhead May-08 p37

Archer, Henry, of London Feb-08 p10

Archer, Walter, of Stow-on-the-Wold Jan-08 p33

Armadio, F & Son Apr-08 p41

Arnold, 84 The Strand, London Aug-08 p41

Ashburn & Davis Ltd of Kilburn Apr-08 p42

Ashley, John Jun-08 p23

Ashwin, Thomas Oct-08 p30

Asprey Mar-08 p42

Aubert of Paris Sep-08 p44

Aubert and Klaftenberger of London Nov-08 p42

Audemars, Louis Sep-08 p33

Audouin, William, of London Nov-08 p44

Aug Magnussons EFTR of Gothenburgh Dec-08 p42

Ayres & Hall of Newburgh, New York Dec-08 p32





Badische Uhrenfabrik of Furtwangen Jun-08 p26

Baillon, Estienne, of Paris May-08 p43

Baker, Edward, of Birmingham Feb-08 p28

Ballantyne, William, of Edinburgh May-08 p5

Banger, Edward Sep-08 p42

Banister, John, of Newport, Isle of Wight Oct-08 p44

Bannister, Thomas, of Norton Canon and Weobley Sep-08 p9

Barber, Benjamin Jun-08 p23

Barber, Jonas, of Ratcliffe Cross, London Nov-08 p19

Barber, Jonas, of Winster Nov-08 p19

Barbot of Paris Jan-08 p16

Bardin, W & T M Mar-08 p41

Barnes, John, of London Nov-08 p41

Barnett, John, of London Jun-08 p9

Barnish, William, of Rochdale Sep-08 p6

Barraud of Cornhill, London Apr-08 p45

Bartliff, Robert, of Yorkersgate, Malton May-08 p18

Barton, Richard, of Aughton and Ormskirk Jul-08 p14

Béchot Jul-08 p43

Beckett, Mann, of Northallerton and Stockton-on-Tees Dec-08 p5

Benedict & Burnam Oct-08 p19

Bennett, J, of Norwich Feb-08 p28

Benson, J W Jun-08 p41

Bentley Manufacturing Company of Leicester Nov-08 p41

Best, Robert Jun-08 p23

Birch, Thomas, of London Dec-08 p11

Birkley, Joseph, of Malton, North Yorkshire May-08 p18

Blackford, Anthony, of Warwick Feb-08 p41

Blake, Jonathan, of Fulham Sep-08 p45

Bleuler, J, of London Jul-08 p44

Blower, Edward, of Eccles Aug-08 p46

Blundell, Thomas, of London Jul-08 p45

Bontems Jan-08 p41

Borrell, Henry, of London Aug-08 p43

Boseet, Victorien Apr-08 p44

Bowra of Sevenoaks Jan-08 p5

Boxell, Thomas, of Brighton Jan-08 p41

Boxer of Folkestone Aug-08 p46

Braddon, Thomas, of Plymouth Apr-08 p10

Bradley, Langley, of London Jun-08 p11

Bradshaw, Moses, of Charlton Kings Apr-08 p9

Breckell, Richard, of Holmes (and Lancaster) Jul-08 p9

Bricot & Delettrez Dec-08 p41

Brockbanks of London May-08 p41

Brockbank & Atkins of London Jul-08 p41

Brocot, Achille Jun-08 p41

Brown of Birmingham Jan-08 p45

Brugier Jun-08 p43

Buckingham, Joseph, of London Jun-08 p11

Bull, Edmund, of London Feb-08 p10

Bull, George, of London Feb-08 p10

Bull, Randolph (or Randall) Feb-08 p10

Bulle Aug-08 p44

Bullen, W R, of Norwich Jan-08 p45

Burges, John, of Wigan Feb-08 p45, Jul-08 p11

Burgess of London Oct-08 p45

Burk of Schwenningen Mar-08 p34

Bush, James, of London May-08 p41

Byrne, Francis Oct-08 p30

Bywater, Boniface, of Stamford Nov-08 p11





Caledonian Registered Apr-08 p5

Canti, C A, of Malling, Kent May-08 p43

Capt, Henri May-08 p45, Jun-08 p42, Nov-08 p43

Cartier Jan-08 p42, Sep-08 p43

Cartwright, Charles & Sons Apr-08 p5

Cartwright, Thomas, of London Feb-08 p45

Cary, John and William Nov-08 p41

Chapelle, Peter Jul-08 p42

Charle, George Jun-08 p23

Child, Henry, of London May-08 p11

Child, Richard, Fleet Street, London May-08 p9

Chippington, W, of Caledonian Road Feb-08 p29

Claftenberger, Albert, of Regent Street Jul-08 p44

Clarke, Christopher, of London Jun-08 p44

Clarke, George Jun-08 p23

Clausen, Christian Oct-08 p37

Clements of London Jun-08 p41

Clouzier, Jacques, of Paris Oct-08 p41

Clowes, James, of London Mar-08 p45

Clyatt, Samuel and Abraham Dec-08 p12

Colby, Caleb K, of Brooklyn, New York Jul-08 p46, Aug-08 p6

Cole, Richard, of Cornhill, Ipswich Nov-08 p42

Cole, Thomas Jan-08 p41, Aug-08 p41, Nov-08 p43

Comyns, William, of London Jan-08 p43

Condliff, James, of Liverpool Aug-08 p41

Coricelli Aug-08 p44

Cornibert of Paris May-08 p46

Costen, Adam, of Kirkham Feb-08 p28

Coster, Salomon, of The Hague Mar-08 p43

Coxeter, Nicholas, of Lothbury, London May-08 p12, Jun-08 p12

Crohe of London Aug-08 p43

Curtis, Samuel Sep-08 p33





Daglish, Joseph, of Alnwick Oct-08 p5

Darling, William, of York Feb-08 p27

Darlow, Thomas and Jeremiah Nov-08 p13, Dec-08 p10, Dec-08 p11, Dec-08 p12

Deacon, Samuel, of Barton-in-the-Beans Sep-08 p26, Dec-08 p15

Decharmes Oct-08 p45, Dec-08 p39

De Gruyter Mar-08 p27

Delander, Daniel Aug-08 p44, Oct-08 p41

Delaunoy of Paris Nov-08 p5

Delletrez, Jean Baptiste Dec-08 p42

Dennison, Aaron Sep-08 p33

Dent & Co Jan-08 p43, Dec-08 p5

Dent, Frederick Sep-08 p42

Desbois of London Feb-08 p45

Desoutter of London May-08 p46

de St Leu, Daniel Jun-08 p22

Dickinson, Guy, of Lincoln Oct-08 p9, Nov-08 p10

Disborrow, John, of Ashen and Tilbury Aug-08 p9

Dix, John, of London Feb-08 p32

Doig of Edinburgh Feb-08 p43

Dollond Apr-08 p41, May-08 p43

Donisthorpe, Joseph, of Normanton-le-Heath Dec-08 p18

Drake, John, of Fleet Street, London May-08 p10

Drescher, Pius, of Hull May-08 p17

Dubois, Germain May-08 p45

Du Chesne, Claudius Oct-08 p41

Dunhill Mar-08 p43





East, Edward May-08 p10, Jun-08 p5, Dec-08 p39

Ebsorth, John, of London Jun-08 p9

Edgecumbe, John, of Bristol Apr-08 p9

Edward Sons of London and Glasgow Jul-08 p45

Elkington & Co of Liverpool Apr-08 p42

Ellicott, John, of London Sep-08 p42

Evans of Handsworth Aug-08 p44





Fabergé, Karl Jan-08 p41

Farcot, E M, of Paris Apr-08 p30

Farnworth, Joseph, of Nottingham May-08 p5

Fattorini, T, of Bolton & Skipton Aug-08 p31

Fertbauer Feb-08 p43

Field, Thomas, of Bath Apr-08 p9

Fish, Robert, of London Nov-08 p45

Fladgate, John, of Conduit Street, London May-08 p45

Fonnereau Jul-08 p44

Ford, John, of Arundel Apr-08 p10

Forman, Francis, of London Feb-08 p9

Foster of Lincoln May-08 p44

Francis, W Oct-08 p30

French of Royal Exchange Oct-08 p44

Frères Nicole Aug-08 p43

Frères Rochat Jun-08 p43

Fromanteel, Ahasuerus Mar-08 p12, Jun-08 p5, Sep-08 p42

Furtwangler, Lorenz & Söhne of Berlin May-08 p44





Garnier, Paul Feb-08 p45

Garon, Peter, of London Nov-08 p41

Garratt, A, of Guildford Aug-08 p46

Garrett, Ferdinando, of London Feb-08 p10

Gascoyne, William, of Newark Nov-08 p45

Gaudron, Antoine, of Paris Apr-08 p43

Gents Aug-08 p44

Gibbs, G J Feb-08 p32

Gibson of Belfast Aug-08 p45

Gilkes, Richard, of Adderbury Jan-08 p10

Gilkes, the family, of North Oxfordshire Jan-08 p9

Girrard, Bros Jun-08 p13, Jul-08 p15

Godeau Oct-08 p44

Gordon, Jonathan, of London Feb-08 p45

Gould, Christopher Mar-08 p32

Gout, Ralph Jun-08 p22

Graham, George, of London Jan-08 p13, Jun-08 p11, Oct-08 p41

Gray, Benjamin Oct-08 p45

Gregory, Jeremy May-08 p12

Green, Edward Jun-08 p23

Green, William, of Grantham Oct-08 p15

Gretton, Charles, of London Mar-08 p5, Nov-08 p32

Grimalde, of London Jul-08 p41

Grinkin, Robert, of London Feb-08 p10, May-08 p10

GTL of Paris Jan-08 p45

Guilmet Jan-08 p41

Guyenot of Paris Jul-08 p44

Guyerdet of Paris May-08 p46





Hadwen, Isaac, of Kendall Jan-08 p43

Hahn, Phillip Mathias Feb-08 p32

Halhead, Robert and Thomas Dec-08 p11

Hall, John & Co, King Street, London Jan-08 p42

Hall, John, of Manchester Jan-08 p44

Hall, Leonard, of Louth Jun-08 p44

Haller, Thomas, of Schwennigen Nov-08 p37

Hallifax, John, of Barnsley May-08 p42

Hanny Feb-08 p29

Harper, Henry Jun-08 p37

Harris, John, of London Feb-08 p10, Nov-08 p41, Dec-08 p9

Herring, Joseph, of London Jan-08 p41

Higgs, Robert and Peter, of Sweetings Alley, London Aug-08 p45

Hill, Benjamin, of Fleet Street, London May-08 p9

Hill, John, of London Jun-08 p11

Hindley, Henry, of York Feb-08 p27, May-08 p21

Hine, James, of Exeter Apr-08 p10

Hipkiss, Richard Oct-08 p5

Hollyar, Samuel, of London Jan-08 p13

Horseman, Stephen, of London Jul-08 p41

Howard, Edward Sep-08 p33

Howell James & Co of Paris Nov-08 p41, Dec-08 p40

Hubert of Paris Jul-08 p42

Hurst, William and Herbert Aug-08 p46





Ingersoll Oct-08 p19

Ingram, John, of Spalding Nov-08 p11

Ireland, Henry, of Lothbury, London Jun-08 p11

Irving, Alexander, of London May-08 p43

Ivatt, Henry George Feb-08 p32





Jackson, William, of London Nov-08 p41

Jacot, Henri Jan-08 p44, May-08 p44

Jacquet-Droz Jun-08 p43

Jacquier Mar-08 p45

Jaeger leCoultre Jan-08 p43, Sep-08 p44, Jul-08 p44, Nov-08 p45

Japy, Frederic Jan-08 p15

Japy Frères Jan-08 p18, Feb-08 p45, May-08 p44, Aug-08 p46

Jeffreys of Fleet Street Apr-08 p44

Jeffreys, John, of London May-08 p43

Jerome & Co Apr-08 p22, Oct-08 p37

Jerome, Chauncey Jr Apr-08 p22

Jerome, Noble Apr-08 p22

Johnson of Derby and London Nov-08 p42

Johnson, John Jun-08 p23

Johnson, William, of London May-08 p42

Jones, Henry Nov-08 p44

Jones, William, of Philadelphia Dec-08 p32

Josue Robert et Fils Oct-08 p41

Jourdain, William, of London Nov-08 p45

Junghans Nov-08 p37





Kidd, the family, of Yorkersgate, Malton May-08 p18

Kienzle Nov-08 p37

Kippax, J, of Retford Aug-08 p41

Kirby, Alfred, of Malton May-08 p16

Kirby, William, of Malton May-08 p16, Jul-08 p31

Knibb Feb-08 p41, Mar-08 p45, Jun-08 p5

Knibb, Joseph Sep-08 p9, Sep-08 p43

Kullberg, Victor Jun-08 p41, Sep-08 p44

Kynning, John, of London Feb-08 p41





Ladd, Robert, of Cambridge Aug-08 p41

Lane, Henry, of Bristol Apr-08 p9

Lawson, William, of Newton Feb-08 p28

Le Grand of Rouen Dec-08 p37

Leigh of Newton-in-the-Willows Feb-08 p28

Lenzkirch Aug-08 p26

Le Roy & Fils of Paris Jan-08 p45, May-08 p46, Dec-08 p40

Leschot of London Jun-08 p43

Lightbody of Lanark Oct-08 p5

Lindley, Thomas, of Leicester Dec-08 p18

Longland, John Nov-08 p13, Dec-08 p13

Lovell, Robert, of Bristol Apr-08 p9

Lowndes, Jonathan, of London Jun-08 p11

Lownes Aug-08 p44

Lucas, J, 59 Kings Road, Chelsea Jun-08 p41

Lyons, Richard Nov-08 p45





Marc, Henry, of Paris May-08 p44

Margaine Apr-08 p41, May-08 p44

Markham, Robert, of London Dec-08 p39

Markwick Markham Jun-08 p21, Sep-08 p41

Marsh, Jonathan, of London Apr-08 p45

Martens, Henri, of Belgium Jun-08 p13, Jul-08 p15

Marti, S & Co Feb-08 p44

Matchett, John, of London May-08 p13

Mathews, Phillip junior Mar-08 p5

Maule, the family Oct-08 p5

Mauthe Aug-08 p13

McDowell Feb-08 p29

Millsom, Thomas, of Bristol Apr-08 p9

Milner, T, of Wigan May-08 p42

Monk, William, of Barwick St John Jan-08 p33, May-08 p5

Moore, Peter, of London Oct-08 p43

Moreau, Louis Jul-08 p42

Morton, Charles May-08 p5

Moss, Thomas, of Ludgate Street May-08 p26

Mott, Henricus, of Drury Lane Dec-08 p37

Moulinié Bautte & Co Feb-08 p42

Mudge, Thomas Jul-08 p31

Mudge & Dutton Feb-08 p41, Nov-08 p32

Mugnier of Paris Nov-08 p43





Neale, John, of Leadenhall Street, London Apr-08 p41

Negretti & Zambra Apr-08 p41

Newby, James, of Yorkersgate, Malton May-08 p18

New England Watch Co Oct-08 p19

New Haven Clock Co Oct-08 p37

Newman, Joseph, of London May-08 p46

Nicholas, William, of Birmingham Oct-08 p26

Nichols & Son of Newport, Isle of Wight Oct-08 p44





Ogden, Thomas, of Halifax Jul-08 p11, Nov-08 p45

Orton, Edward Nov-08 p13, Dec-08 p11

Osborne, Thomas Oct-08 p26

Oston, W, of Malton, North Yorks May-08 p16





Pace, John, of Bury St Edmunds Aug-08 p41

Pachner, Karl, in Wien May-08 p41

Parkinson & Frodsham Jul-08 p44

Partridge, Walter, of London Jun-08 p43

Patek Philippe Jun-08 p42, Jul-08 p43, Oct-08 p45

Payne of New Bond Street, London Aug-08 p43

Peck & Jerome Apr-08 p22

Peck, Epaphroditus Apr-08 p22

Philips, Thomas, of Ludlow Jul-08 p26

Philipson, J Nov-08 p23

Piguet & Meylan Feb-08 p43

Pilkington & Gibbs of Preston Feb-08 p32

Pleaseance & Harper of Bristol Jan-08 p45

Pointer, T Jun-08 p23

Poole, John Jul-08 p44

Prior, Edward Jun-08 p21

Prior, George Jun-08 p21, Jul-08 p37

Pugh of Newtown Feb-08 p15

Pul-syn-etic Jul-08 p19

Purvis, Alexander, of North Audley Street, London Sep-08 p45





Quare, Daniel Apr-08 p41, Oct-08 p43, Nov-08 p41





Raingo Frères of Paris Aug-08 p43

Rambridge, J Sidney, of Salisbury Nov-08 p42

Ramsay, David, of London Feb-08 p10

Ramsay, James, of Paris Apr-08 p41

Rayment, Richard, of Bury St Edmunds Jan-08 p42

Raymond a Paris Feb-08 p42

Rayner, Dove, John and Stephen Nov-08 p13, Dec-08 p11

Recordon, Louis Jun-08 p23

Reed, Benjamin, of Bristol Apr-08 p9

Reeve, William, of Spalding Nov-08 p9

Remond, Jean Georges, of Geneva Jun-08 p43

Reutter Aug-08 p43

Reynolds, A, of Salisbury Jan-08 p44

Rhodes, Manoah, of Bradford Jan-08 p43

Rimbault, Paul, of Denmark Street, London Jun-08 p44

Risbie, Anthony, of London Feb-08 p10

Roberts of Todmorden Jun-08 p6 

Rocke of London Feb-08 p45

Rogers, Isaac, of London Dec-08 p38

Rogers, William, of Liverpool Aug-08 p41

Rolex Jun-08 p43, Oct-08 p45

Romer, A Jun-08 p43

Ronchetti of Manchester Feb-08 p29

Rossi, G, of Norwich Jul-08 p44

Russells Ltd of Manchester Jun-08 p41





Sadler, Thomas, of Berkhamsted Mar-08 p6

Salmon of Pimilico Feb-08 p44

Samuel, H, of Manchester Sep-08 p44

Saunders, Daniell, of London Feb-08 p10

Savage, Richard, of Much Wenlock Mar-08 p9

Savage, Richard, of Salop Mar-08 p9

Savage, William, of Shrewsbury Mar-08 p9

Scafe, William, of London Sep-08 p43

Schnekenburger Mar-08 p27

Schwob Frères of La Chaux-de-Fonds Oct-08 p45

Sealey, William and John, Egremont Jan-08 p41

Seiko May-08 p29

Sharp, George, of 63 Mark Lane, near London Bridge Jul-08 p45

Seignior, Robert, of London Jan-08 p19, Feb-08 p35

Shay, Joseph, of Scarborough May-08 p17

Shortt, William Hamilton Apr-08 p41, Jul-08 p5, Sep-08 p5

Silvani, J, of Brighton Aug-08 p45

Simes, Isaack, of London Feb-08 p10

Sinclair Harding Jun-08 p41

Sine, Charles, of Edinburg, Virginia May-08 p5

Skelton, C, of London Apr-08 p45

Smith, James, of Oxford Street Oct-08 p44

Smith, John, of London Feb-08 p10

Smith, Richard, of London Jun-08 p11

Smiths Aug-08 p44

Smith of Norwich Dec-08 p40

Smithyes, John, of London Feb-08 p43

Snow, John Dec-08 p37

Speakman, William, of London Jun-08 p43

Spiegelhalter, Hugo, of Malton May-08 p19

Spiegelhalter, Johann, of Malton May-08 p17

Spiegelhalter, Matthew, of Malton May-08 p15, Sep-08 p5

Staniland, J, of Malton, North Yorks May-08 p16

Stanton, Edward, of London Feb-08 p41

Storr, Jonathan, of York Feb-08 p27

Straiton, David, of Montrose May-08 p35

Sudbury, John Dec-08 p11

Synchronome Aug-08 p45, Oct-08 p42





Taglieabue & Co of London Jun-08 p42

Tantum, Francis, of Loscoe Mar-08 p31, Aug-08 p18

Tavernier, Etienne May-08 p45

Taylor, Jonathan, of Bath Jan-08 p41

Tegelbergh, Johannes, of The Hague Mar-08 p43

Thomas, Seth Jul-08 p41

Thristle, James, of Stogursey Aug-08 p5

Thwaites & Reed of Clerkenwell Apr-08 p45

TMC Nov-08 p26

Tolley, Charles, of London Apr-08 p45

Tompion, Thomas Jan-08 p33, Mar-08 p45, Jun-08 p11, Sep-08 p10, Sep-08 p41, Dec-08 p39

Tompion & Banger Sep-08 p42

Townley, William, of Temple Cloud Jan-08 p37





Upjohn, Peter Jun-08 p23





Vacheron & Constantin Sep-08 p43, Oct-08 p45

Vaughan, Charles, of Pontypool Mar-08 p17, Apr-08 p6

Vaughan, Cornelius Mar-08 p17

Vautrollier, James, of London Feb-08 p10

Vermeulen, Andries, of Amsterdam Apr-08 p42

Vidion, John, of Faversham Aug-08 p46

Vincenti of Paris Jul-08 p42

Vogt & Co of 35 Wigmore Street Mar-08 p41

Vulliamy Feb-08 p41, Aug-08 p43, Oct-08 p45





Wagstaffe, Thomas, of London Aug-08 p46

Walker, J, of Birkenhead Aug-08 p6

Walker, John, of South Molton Street, London Apr-08 p41, Jun-08 p45

Walker & Hughes of Birmingham Oct-08 p30

Walters, Nicholas, of London Feb-08 p10

Waltham Watch Co Sep-08 p33, Dec-08 p37

Ward, Robert, of London May-08 p41

Warren, James, of Canterbury Feb-08 p45

Waterbury Watch Co of Waterbury, Connecticut Oct-08 p19

Watts, Brouncker, of Fleet Street Nov-08 p41

Watts, John, of Apethorpe Nov-08 p10

Watts, John, of Stamford Nov-08 p10

Watts, Robert, of Stamford Nov-08 p11

Watts, the family, of Stamford Oct-08 p9

Webster, Henry, of Augton, Lancs Mar-08 p11

Webster, William, of London Jun-08 p10, Jun-08 p41, Nov-08 p43

Weichert, W, of Bute Docks, Cardiff Jun-08 p42

Weller, George, of Exeter Apr-08 p45

Wellowe, John, of London Feb-08 p10

Westclox Dec-08 p26

Whitaker, William, of Halifax Feb-08 p28

White, George, of Bristol Apr-08 p9

Wicksteed, Edward Jul-08 p42

Williams, Henry, of Lancarvan May-08 p45

Williamson of London Feb-08 p41

Williamson, John Nov-08 p13

Williamson, John, of Leeds and London Dec-08 p9

Williamson, Joseph Dec-08 p9

Williamson, Michael Dec-08 p12

Williamson, Robert, of St Bartholomew’s Lane Dec-08 p9

Williamson, Thomas Nov-08 p13, Dec-08 p9

Wilmott, Stephen, of London Jul-08 p42

Wilson, James, of Birmingham Jul-08 p26, Oct-08 p26

Wilson, Joshua, of London Feb-08 p41

Windmills, Joseph Feb-08 p41, Oct-08 p41, Nov-08 p12

Winstaley of Holywell Mar-08 p45, Jul-08 p26

Winterhalder & Hoffmeier Sep-08 p45

Wise, John, of London Sep-08 p10

Wiss, Jacob & Pierre Isaac, of Geneva Oct-08 p41

Woolley, James, of Codnor Mar-08 p31, May-08 p5, Aug-08 p17





Yate, Cornelius, of London Feb-08 p10

Yate, William, of London Feb-08 p10

Young, William May-08 p13

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