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Old clocks are unique in the field of antiques in that they are normally signed by their makers. This gives the clock owner a starting point for finding out more about his or her clock and often it is possible to find out a great deal more. Many makers of old clocks have had articles written about them in Clocks Magazine and we have provided an online Index to help you track them down. As we stock a wide range of back issues it is often still possible to get the magazine containing the article of interest.

It is also possible that one of the many area clock books will have information about the maker of your clock. Over the years clock enthusiasts have written books about the clockmakers of many parts of the world and their is a list of these below. Note: many of these books are now out of print but may well be available through public libraries.

The World
  • Watchmakers and Clockmakers of the World, by Brian Loomes, 2006, NAG Press, London
  • Old Clocks and Watches and Their Makers, 1899 (plus numerous editions), by F J Britten
  • The Early Clockmakers of Great Britain, by Brian Loomes, 1981
  • British Clockmakers and Watchmakers Apprentice Records 1710-1810, by D Moore (limited edition)
  • Register of Apprentices 1631-1931, Worshipful Company of Clockmakers
  • Freemen of the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers 1631-1984, by George Daniels
  • Old English Master Clockmakers and Their Clocks 1670-1820, by H Ceskinsky, 1938
  • English Clocks and Watches and Their Makers, 1924, British Horological Institute
  • Clockmakers and Watchmakers of Central England, by J McKenna, 2002, Mayfield Books, Derbyshire
  • Watch Case Makers of England 1720-1920, by Philip Priestley, 1994
  • Early Watch Case Makers of England 1631-1720, by Philip Priestley
  • London Clocks and Their Country Origins, by Brian Loomes, 1976
  • The Clock Makers of London, by G White
  • North Country Clockmakers of the 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries, by C L Reid, 1981
  • Lancashire Clocks & Clockmakers, by Brian Loomes, 1975
  • Westmorland Clocks & Clockmakers, by Brian Loomes, NAG Press, London, 1972
  • Yorkshire Clockmakers, by Brian Loomes, 1972
  • Clockmakers of Cheshire, by Keith Appleby, 1999
  • Clockmakers of Northumberland & Durham, by Keith Bates, 1962
  • Clockmaking in Oxfordshire 1400-1850, by C F C Beeson, 1980, Banbury Historical Society/Antiquarian Horological Society
  • Devonshire Clockmakers, by J K Bellchambers, 1968
  • Devon Clocks and Clockmakers, by C N Ponsford, J G M Scott and W P Authors, 1977
  • Clocks and Clockmakers of Tiverton, by C N Ponsford, 1985
  • Beaminster Clocks and Their Makers, by D Beney, 1996
  • Norfolk and Norwich Clocks and Clockmakers, by C & Y Bird
  • Herefordshire Clockmakers and Watchmakers, by T Branston & J C Eisel
  • The Making of Clocks and Watches in Leicestershire and Rutland, by J A Daniell, 1952
  • The Old Clockmakers of Yorkshire, by N V Dinsdale, 1946
  • Gloucestershire Clock and Watchmakers, by G Downer, 1984
  • Shropshire Watch and Clockmakers, by D Elliott, 1979
  • Suffolk Clocks and Clockmakers, by A L Haggar & L F Miller, 1972
  • Derbyshire Clock and Watchmakers, by R G Hughes, 1976
  • Clockmakers and Watchmakers of Derbyshire, by R G Hughes and M Craven, 1998
  • The Clock and Watchmakers of Buckinghamshire, by E Legg, 1976
  • Clockmaking in Colchester, by Bernard Mason, 1969
  • Clock and Watchmakers of Nottinghamshire, by H H Mather, 1979
  • Watch & Clockmakers of the British Isles - Birmingham, by Joe McKenna
  • Watch & Clockmakers of the British Isles - Warwickshire, by Joe McKenna
  • Cornish Clocks and Clockmakers, by H Miles Brown, 1961
  • The Clockmakers of Somerset 1650-1900, by A J Moore, 1998
  • Chester Clocks and Clockmakers, by N Moore, Grosvenor Museum, Chester, booklet
  • Directory of Hampshire Clockmakers, by M Norgate, 1993
  • Kent Clocks and Clockmakers, by M Pearson, 1997
  • The Clockmakers of Cumberland, by J B Penfold, 1977
  • Bedfordshire Clock and Watchmakers 1352-1880, by C Pickford, 1991
  • Clocks and Clockmakers of Salisbury, by Michael Snell, 1986
  • Stamford Clocks and Clockmakers, by L Tebbutt (limited edition)
  • Dorset Clocks and Clockmakers, by Tom Tribe and P Whatmoor, 1981
  • Sussex Clocks and Clockmakers, by E J Tyler
  • The Clockmakers of Hertfordshire, by E J Tyler, 1977
  • Hull and East Riding Clocks, by J E S Walker, 1981
  • Watch and Clock Makers in the City of Bath, by I White, 1996
  • Dunfermline Clockmakers up to 1900, Felix Hudson and J and M Norgate, 1982 (limited edition)
  • Old Stirling Clockmakers, by Charles Allan
  • A Handbook and Directory of Scottish Clockmakers, by J Smith
  • Old Scottish Clockmakers 1400-1850, by J Smith
  • Clockmakers and Watchmakers of Scotland, by Donald Whyte, 2005
  • Wales Clocks and Clockmakers, by William Linnard, 2003
  • The Clockmakers of Llanwrst
  • Clock and Watch Makers in Wales, by I C Peate, 1960
  • A List of Irish Watch and Clock Makers, by G Fennell, 1963
  • Watch and CLockmakers in Ireland, by W G Stuard, 2000
North America
  • American Clocks, by Tom and Sonja Spittler and Chris Bailey
  • The Watch Factories of America, by H G Abbott, 1888
  • American Clock and Watch Makers, by C W Drepperd, 1947
  • Connecticut Clockmakers of the 18th Century, by P R Hoopes, 1974
  • French Clocks the World Over, Tardy (four volumes)
  • Besanšon Horloger 1793-1914, Besanšon Musee du Temps
  • Kunstuhrmacher in Alt Augsburg, by M Bobinger, 1969
  • Klokken en Horlogemakers vanaf 1300, by E Morpurgo, 1970
  • Swiss Timepiece Makers, by K Pritchard, 1997
  • Watchmakers and Clockmakers in Russia 1400-1850, by V L Chenekal, 1972
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